DAY 4: Tabitha Ojatunwase

Hi everyone, my name is Ojatunwase Tabitha,a student of Moshood Abiola polytechnic.I thank Perrytots for allowing me express myself through this medium.There was a certain time in my life things fell from good to bad, bad to worse and  it affected my academics terribly.The page I’m about to open is like the book you have on your coffee table right in front of you.

First, it was my relationship you know we girls small things boys do us we go don tear body(pardon ma pidgin please),then my emotions tore me apart,my best friend sef turned her back against me to make matters worse it was during exam period,I would read a little and cry wian wian like a baby.I was panged then family issues also crept in, I became very tensed I fell on my kneels and prayed to God I told him to make me happy again, I dreamt less, had more night mares; the shilling voices from chickens and pets alone would make my heart jump, I became scared. My sister,my brother, I prayed and also believed, I nurtured hope so I got addicted to social media(twitter precisely).

I saw auditions date which I went for, first, second, third and fourth audition I went for I wasn’t picked, I felt like a bunch of incompetence because acting is what I yearned for right from childhood.

To cut the long story short I heard about another audition I just went like that, did my best and left a week later. I got a call  yeparipa, it was as if I was dreaming I went and I was picked for a role, I strived to achieve an unprecedented feat knowing fully well it was what I wanted, them gimme role oo bt I didn’t like it at first, one mind just told me do it, I was skeptical about it cos it was a local girl role but as an auxiliary nurse I wanted something  tush not knowing it was the lead role, I started having fans on stage, top producers and ace actors applauded me, the title of the soap opera is UNAYI HEALTH CENTRE, the advert started airing even before we finished the complete episodes for the series. I just wanna tell you today to have faith and always pray. It works 100% and do you know the most interesting thing is God answers without expecting anything in return, in other words he took my boyfriend and gave me a lifetime job because even d guy I was dating then doesn’t like actresses talkless of dating them.

2014 has been a year of fulfilment and grand year for me and I hope for more to come. So people  if you loose something  God has something  better for you more than what you envisage.

Next year the soap would start airing and more jobs to come and good tidings.

Thanks and always believe.

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  1. Hmmmmm…..a very touching story, thank God will don’t look like what we have been through dear…..I bless God for Ur life… My baby girl.

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