DAY 5: ????

Dear Reader,

We would have spent over 330 days by the time you are reading this. It was like yesterday when we ushered in the New Year with joy and now we are at on the verge of celebrating another. The year was met with so much promises. The sweet sour nostalgia of how those promises vanish with the toils of the year brings despair to my heart but I am unperturbed. Let us say I have come to know that sometimes we fail but we are not defined by such episodes neither does success too. So what defines us?

I remember wanting to call a six year relationship quit. Did u say how cruel? Hmm, life is not like the movies where there is always a happy ending. I am still in the relationship and come the turn of the New Year, we would be seven years old. Atimes I wonder what on earth I am waiting for. Just propose… marry her. Sweet thing to say and do but what resource do I have to feed and nurture a family.

The year has really been a challenging one but I dare say God has been good. I wrote a couple of exams and even when I felt like I flunked it. I always excel to my surprise.
Health became an issue sometime in the year. I needed to undergo a surgery and in the words of Frank Donga, I ‘dilly-dallied”, I was scared. In retrospect, I was not sure of what I was I scared of in particular but I can still the look on the faces of the numerous patient I have encountered when the doctor says, “you need a surgery”. I did carry the look for months and eventually did the surgery a week to my birthday. I would not bore you with the details but I am fine now and I have a pretty looking scar. You can imagine I had a lot to be joyous for when I celebrated my birthday the following week.

The COMPSSA and AMSUL games this year was the best of my sport career.  I was part of the winning team in football for both tournaments. The volleyball finals at the COMPSSA games was electrifying, it dawned on me that the enemies we have acquired by profession is not limited ti the offices. I brought my A-game but still fell short. I still feel terrible haven failed to reclaim the gold two years running.

I am sure some of you have an idea of who I am by now. Sadly I don’t know who is reading this letter but it gives me great joy to shared inspiring moments of the year 2014 with you. I hope to someday read your story. I cannot but hope for a better tomorrow, for that we find courage to fight. HOPE….

                                              Yours Faithfully,
                                               Abiola Olokodana.

PS: Congratulations to Abiola Olokodana as the new President elect of the Association of Medical Student of the University of Lagos. Perry’s Tots wish you a successful tenure in office.

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  1. Thank God for your health Abiola. About the resources to nurture a family? Do your best and leave the rest.

    “He who finds a wife, has found a good thing and obtains FAVOUR from the most high”

    I wish you a better year ahead.

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