Day 6: Odunfa Kenny

Fellow Editor and friend.
Omokehinde Oluwagbbohunmi Odunfa… That’s my full name. 🙂  Ok so i am going to share few of my moments in 2014 with you… Good and bad…. I should start with the good; I guess.

Yeah, so this year most importantly, I became a clinical student. That’s like the basic aim of all medical student; the struggle to wear fitted short white coats with our stethoscope either round our necks or just peeping out of our coats. It was God’s doing, especially when it looked like i was going to have to repeat 300L, and my faith dwindled (maybe dwindled is an understatement sef, I lost all forms of faith).

Secondly, I made a lot of awesome friends,  learnt a lot from people, Mz perry inclusive, very unlike my proud self *lol*.

Some old friendships became stronger ( my ex roomies,  Bolu,  Precious, Kemi Adetayo(my awesome sister), Acho,  Imokhai, Milton,  Demola,  Bolu Balogun). 

One way or the other I became a better person cos of these people. I saw a lot of abilities in myself that I  didn’t see before or maybe I just decided not to see them. I discovered also that I could be a good leader, I never really liked taking responsibility for other people; this year, I learnt that (by force).

Thirdly, my twin sister made me proud. TaiTai, as i always call her, is now an accountant and she is serving now at Abuja…really looking forward to seeing her this Christmas, after a long time. Yes! 4 months is a long time.

My birthdayyyyyy….
I was shocked,  I felt too loved. I turned off my phone at some point, lol… I mean,  I didnt turn 21, so i didn’t expect to be celebrated that much. It was wonderful. Invited a few friends over; I ended up gathering a little mob, lol. There was no cake or ice cream or pizza for the late comers though,  but they didn’t mind. Shout out to Acho for the cake.

Yes, lastly,  don’t ask what job I do, I wont tell you, but my financial life was beautiful this year. Very very very. *wide grin*

Now, the bad part. 2dates come to mind always.

19-2-2014. The day my granny died. I had a feeling I wouldn’t see her again after I left home about 2weeks prior to that day. The most painful thing about that day is that during my morning prayers,  I thought about all she was going through, all the sufferings, all the pain, all the discomfort. I asked God reluctantly to take her away  so dat it would all stop. I didn’t think he would answer me though. She died at about 8:30 that night. Looking at her in the coffin two months after, I just smiled,  knowing that she felt no pains anymore.
As I write this,  I can see her smiling at me and saying “Adetunji mi, Akano Gudugba” like she did each time I went home. I didn’t think I’d miss her this much.

16-9-2014. On this day, I cried.  Hot tears rolled down my cheeks at the department of pharmacology. Results were out and my friends were going to have to repeat a year. I didn’t understand why, I didn’t see any reason why anyone of them had to repeat the session. Painful stuff. Very painful stuff.

In  all these things, I am grateful to God. In my good times, and my very down times,  He was there for me this year.

Grateful for my sisters; Taitai, Tuns, Ife and Ite. Grateful for my parents; I couldn’t ask for a better family. Grateful for CMDA and RCF, my school fam: Tunmise Akinsanya,  Seyi Adelaja,  Kemi Adetayo,  Tiwi Olofinjana, Sam Mogaji, Femi Samuel,  Dami Ogunsemowo,  Ajayi Adepero, Maxwell, Olanike Koles,  Bolu And Miss P etc,  thanks for being a part of my year.

2014 was great,  2015 will be much more beautiful. Amen.

Looking forward to better opportunities to show myself what stuff I am made up of. Now that I know I can do a lot,  I want to explore further.

In 2015, I hope to drop all the bad habits I picked up in 2014; I hope to become my own oga “photographically”, I hope to be a better son, brother, friend and a better Christian.

Very Importantly,  by the end of 2015, I should be strolling into 600l….Ghen ghen! 🙂

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