DAY 8: Olughu Kelia

Fellow blogger and friend! 🙂
Allô! I am Olughu Kelia, and first I am super excited that Pero asked I send in something for her famous 31 Days.

I don’t quite remember how my 2014 started, but I remember telling myself that it had got to be better than my 2013, and that I was going to improve myself.

Early in the year, I matched from being a teenager into a transitory stage before being a Legal adult. The day before started with me being depressed, wondering what I had achieved at my age and somewhat comparing myself with all the early achievers in my family. But that quickly passed away with the many love I got on my birthday, so many phone calls, so many gifts (like my cute pink shoes!), so many pictures and so many love. I especially remember how sweet my Sister and Mother were to me (they’re always sweet anyway) – they immediately helped me realized that ‘who I am, is enough achieved’.

Also, this year, I learnt that success in medical school (and in life) is first God’s help, I wrote my Second Professional exam, and even when it seemed one week to prepare was too small, and I had lost so much weight that my jeans were obviously sagging and my face drooping and looking sad, God was there with me every step of the way. Still working on adding the weight back, even though, it is now taking a while; I have gone to slim-fit the dresses o!

So this year, for the first time, I read my poem in public, and was surprised at how I sounded. I shared my short stories on the blog and was happy with the response I got. I finally got to watch a stage play at Terra Kulture, I even ate Vegetarian food (which was really yucky!!!) and went to the National Museum.

Grateful to all the wonderful people that had made my 2014 amazing – the first on the list is my ever loving Sister – love that girl so much, she has been my huge support and listening ear and fun partner. My mother, that woman, she is always inquisitive and wanting to help, I guess that’s why I love her. And my siblings – Clarachristy, Fabian and Dubem – who so nicely call me “Doctor Kelia”

Grateful for my roommates for the most part of 2014 – Chioma (Miss English), Busola (hustler!), Alessandra (Modella), Janey (Cute and sweet as Chocolate), Tochi, I miss them so much. And my new roommate and their many funny jokes- Dupe, Lamide, Anu and Chidiogo.

Grateful for amazing friends- like Edward, who made 2014, fun and thoughtful (you have got to me reasoning a lot to survive next to him). Emmanuel – always saying some nice compliment; Oyin – she would vex if I call her crazy, so I would call her Sweet, she is sweet in and out. Ronke – she is my go anywhere girl, nowhere is ever silly. Chioma – who would always listen to me rant and somehow I feel better after talking to her. And Cheta – there is no sad moment with her.

So curious at what 2015 would be like, that I wish I could jump right into it. But the best part of every year is Christmas – and I’m going to enjoy this one 2014.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

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