Tis another year
It’s end drawing near
Many things have happened my dear
I’ll be ungrateful if there’s something I’m not thankful for

Challenges, very good friends of mine
They came around, and well, we had a good time
Hurdles, I learned to scale
Some low, some high, others seemingly impossible
But they taught me something – jumping could be stressful, soaring is much easier

Good times I cherished and tried to repeat
Not so good times were formatted
It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
But yeah, I’m ALWAYS happy I pray for a better 2015
A more revealing one
Where dreams become reality and aspirations are pushed higher
And until my mind exceeds it’s elastic limits (if it can), I won’t stop stretching it.

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Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots! 🙂

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  1. WOW!!! Miss Pero, how were you able to get our boss to take part in this 31 days reflection? I’m highly impressed. Anyway, it’s Docadope, he always stands out. Well done sir! May 2015 be better.

    Signed: Association of docadopes’ fans

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