DAY 10: Sylvia Uzorh

Special day for a special friend. Happy birthday Sylvia, live long and prosper in good health, joy and happiness! 🙂 Please Perry’s Tots family wish her a happy birthday!
Go shawty its my birthday go shawty its my birthday *in Sound sultan’s voice!*
This year has been eventful in a weird way, but it all goes down to God being a merciful and faithful God!  Let me make this as brief as possible without sparing important details.

I am thankful for life! LIFE! Thinking about how I started the year recuperating from a major surgery and doing another one hmm… God is awesome indeed, thankful for provision, for speedy healing, for my awesome friends and family, for the post graduate certificate I got and for my art talent and bead making I just discovered!

Challenges… After the surgery I had lot of fear, leg length discrepancy in particular, thank God it’s resolved now, another challenge I had was almost not going for NYSC orientation camp cos I was hospitalized 2 days  to the resumption, thank God I am a strong willed person that took a risk! Lol! OK lemme expatiate. I fell ill and was hospitalized 2 days to camp, my camp was at Edo and I was meant to resume on Tuesday, but by Tuesday I was still in the hospital  bed, on Wednesday  I told the doctor to discharge me, I left the Hospital  went home and took my box to the airport, my mum was so scared cos I was really ill, I still had drip line sef, somehow I was able to get to Benin, my elder brother picked me up from the airport and took me to a hotel where a doctor had to come give me  injections, I was that weak but my mind was set at reporting in camp and leaving. The next day I went to camp with my brother, I went straight to the camp clinic while my brother and another dude did my registration. Somehow the commandant came to the clinic and saw how ill I looked and hearing that I came from Lagos * Ebola was in Lagos  then* said I should leave immediately. Every thing was done and I left camp for a Hospital  where I was treated and came to back to Lagos.

Good moments-  hmmm soo many, going to Port Harcourt  for CT course, dropping the stick! Pulling all those stunt to resume camp… Lol! Somehow it shows how optimistic I can be… Half full not half empty!
Being able to go for birthday parties and wedding(socialise sha) after like a year  plus! Lol!

Not so good moment- ha! When I had stapples on my body! Jeez! That stuff is crazy! 
Bathroom accident! Lol!
When I lost a friend…

Dreams, hopes nd aspiration for 2015
Hmm e plenty o, developing my drawing skills, great health, go for retreats! Being found by Mr right… Not getting married o but having a great relationship sha… Having a vacation, finishing NYSC, just developing myself and of course not loosing track of God’s plan for my life! 

OK that’s about all, gotta go celebrate! Thanks for your time, send your gifts! It’s still my day. 

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Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots! 😀

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  1. Lol. Happy Birthday Sylvia… LLNP…

    Is Mr. Right to find you or you are to search for Bro. Shola ehn? Lol..

    Have a fun filled day…

    1. Gbog! Lol! Mr right will come… Nahh I reject being in search 4 bro shola ooo… Lol.
      A man FINDS a wife… Dat means he was searching…

      Thanks i sure had.

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