DAY 19: Israel Adejobi

Title: A Story & A Song

I have a story to tell
One that rings a bell

Many waters under this bridge have passed
Many fires over and roundabout ragingly burned
Alas, this man wouldn’t dare drown
Let alone by fire go down

From negative lethargies to positive energies
Destructive half-lives to constructive & up thrust vibes
All manner of lackadaisities to effective synergies
Transitions that avail many-a-tale ne’er stale
A reform that does transform in all form
…bringing from less n’ brittle form to the place and power of a formidable storm

I have a story to tell
One that rings eternal bell

This is my story; this is my song
The Son; I in HE am well and strong

It’s high time I eased out my shell
My story to the world shan’t I but tell


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