DAY 20: Lolade Oyesanya

School mother’s special day. ๐Ÿ˜€
Ok so it’s the 20th of December and I’m grateful to God for another year about to end.

The year was full of surprises and expectations. It started with my internship coming to anย  end, the release of my NYSC posting letter that almost gave me a heart attack..thank God I landed as an Eko corper.

On Easter Sunday which was Bobo’s birthday, little did Iย  know he would officially ask me to be his wifey, OMG! that day I finally understood why girls have that surprise look on their face when they are proposed to(i always thought it was acting..after all why be in a relationship heading nowhere)…, the ring was pretty as well and after that day Iย  found one of my fancy rings that suddenly disappeared.

I continued to live the Eko corper lIfe, from SAED to work to CDS. I started my small cake business #cakesbylola. Thank God for the progress.

Gehn gehn then wedding plans started to show face somehow, it started gradually,then boom! By November my head was about to blow. I thank God for the sisters in friends bodies He gave to me, they were awesome.

In all the stress and wahala I learnt that God really had my life under His control. He continued to show me how much of me He already had planned out, things just started to fall in place, all the family controversies and all the confusion some people wanted to cause(because everything happening around me was like one big African magic movie)but today its all becomes a testimony.

The beginning of my forever with the one dude who makes me laugh even when I’m in my most vexed state just started.

PS: By the time you’ll be reading this, I’m probably already saying those vows *winks*…HML to me and my Bobo of life. God bless us forever.

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  1. Hml Lolade. God bless u n pastor Dotun’s union. I’m so sorry i couldn’t make that beautiful train….lov u guys. muahhh.

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