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It’s nice to be on air at Perry’s Tots.
2014—- “my year of extraordinary miracles”.

Started off with a carry over from last year. I had appendicitis surgery late December, celebrating my Xmas at home, on my bed, missing the end of the year party at my place of work. Terrible…

Well, so many events for the year, so many occurrence but in this year 2014, I am most thankful. If not for God, I wouldn’t be honoured with this opportunity to be featured live @ 31Days 31Voices.

Let’s see.

Hustling began mid January after recovering partially from the surgery, like the surgery wasn’t enough for the devil to be happy, I witnessed a lot of accidents and escaped a lot. Thank God for His spirit, love and grace.
I boarded this bus o and we were moving on the blood sucking Lagos Ibadan express way when suddenly another bus just drove in  front of our own bus and gbam! we hit it. Swerving right and left, the bus almost tumbled, see everyone shouting Jesus, Blood of Jesus… I was scared… and I just did my silent prayer. After a few struggling it all stopped. The doors now refused to open o and we were on the express, if trailers were coming nko, we stared jumping windows… God saved me, so I got to work, told my supervisor and the next thing she said was, “it’s a lie, oya show me the injuries”. Such a supervisor… does she want me to sustain Injury ni. Chai!

Another incident, was when I wanted to board this fine bus, I was already late and the bus was almost full, but my spirit didn’t agree with the bus. I decided to board the one that was so empty and in a few seconds it was full, so we started on the journey. Looking to my right, not long from the bus park,  the fine bus I wanted to board just had an accident, somersaulted, and passengers in it, coming out through the window. A man even saw his wife and had to stop. God saved me. And many more.

Lemme give a last gist ‘cos I can’t say it all.
School was awful, terrible, cultists and students on rampage. That night, I was with my hommies, chilling at the cool v at night and we heard foot steps, people running into their hostels. “Run for your life”. So we all ran, locked our doors, switched off the lights and it was all quiet atmosphere. Here comes the big boiszzzz, breaking bottles, shouting. I thought the anti christ had come. Then calls started coming in “Gbog, don’t come out, stay indoors, don’t come out ok. Just switch off the light, sleep and pray”. I did just that.
I woke up the next day and the school gate was shut. No movement till further notice. Then it happened again. But this time no call whether to run or wait so I ran. My room was an executive room, a private room. Well secured than any other room in the hostel, so I ran, called my peeps to join me in my secure room and locked the door. The next thing I heard, gbam! gbam! A blow and a kick tore my door, tore the net, broke the lock. “E jade”( come out) that’s all I heard with slaps and blows. “Eyin da” (where are you?)  an anti christ guy was holding a short thick fresh log of wood to break my head, others with all sort of weapons. So I replied “awon wo”( who?) … see slaps. “comon kneel down there” they beat me o and was about smashing my head with a log of wood to break when a cadet guy and some other peeps shouted and came to my rescue. They were ready  to fight. ” You can’t hit him” hostel scattered. With the slaps and blows, I could only see stars… immediately the schools gate was opened, I hurried to the hospital for check up, where mumsy works. God saved me again.

If you remember some Port Harcourt guys that where burnt alive cos they said they were said to be cultists. What if I was smashed and accused of being a cultist. See how God saved me again. Though I have had some other experiences with the cultists guys of school and I ain’t scared to say so. I ain’t scared of anyone, even to the point of death cos Baba God will surely save me. He already convinced me of that.

Lemme say this one too.

There’s this pretty friend of mine in school. “Ebony. I am proud of our black women jere” *tongue-out*. She was dating this guy that loves her pass his life but we were extremely close. We talk at extraordinary length. You know some girls that are scared to go into boys hostel na, she never liked my own type of hostel, rugged guys hostel. So a day came she decided to check on me in my hostel and unfortunately, that’s her bobo’s hostel too. The guy saw her and concluded she was cheating on him with me. Funny enough, he was my friend. It became a serious issue that he called some peeps to threaten me one night while I was heading to my room. Ok. All those ones small gist. The girl got frustrated and broke up with him to date another guy. Then katakata started, he assumed I was he. He sent some cult guys to me and firstly, they warned me of my dressing and said “except you wanna join, stop dressing this way”. But blue is my best colour na. I was on Blue from head to toe. My bag, top, Jean, watch, sandal, what else?
Then they threatened to take me out of school to beat me up on the street. I cannot fight o. So I spoke with miss ebony, and she introduced her boyfriend. So they all knew I wasn’t the one. Oya leave me alone o! Na lie. I was still culprit one, some other guys started liking her and they were my friends too. See wahala. I had to find a quick means of separating myself from her. I love my school and I don’t wanna die cos of something I don’t know of. So that was how the issue from my side subsided till I finished school(in summary). I miss our friendship tho. 🙁

Separation is inevitable. In 2014, I have separated from a lot of peeps, even previous years. Ones I had to and ones I wished I couldn’t. Saddening.

This 2014 alone ehn.
Chai. See God loves me.

I have lots of things to say, I just can’t  say all. Typing ain’t easy..

One day, I’ll get the opportunity to share life experiences at large. Near death experiences. The one that a soldier almost shot me cos he drove badly when I was going to work. #crazy

Moreso, if you know: “Not everyone who smiles or laughs are rich/wealthy or are having the perfect life”

I just wanna say these few words.
If God decides your life for you, forget about making any decision, just walk in his ways and let Him be the lamp to your path and the light to your feet. You’ll surely get there. The devil will fight and fight, “Surulere”. God is with you, you don’t just know.

Well, in 2015, I hope to complete studies, serve, and get a goooooood job. I’m going through all this stress of studies and hustling cos of my unmarried/unborn. I gotta make life sweet, smooth and fun for them… and more so, I hope to be a blessing to as many in 2015.

Life happens to everyone (Shit also happens to everyone). La vie se passe pour tout le monde (merde il arrive à tout le monde)

Happy boxing day everyone.

Happy boxing day Miss perry 🙂

Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots! 🙂

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  1. Wow. These experiences are really touching. God has really been protecting you. I pray you continue to enjoy his blessings. And would love to hear about the experiences you could not cover on d blog. So we could learn from you. Safe. Happy boxing day.

  2. Beautiful and touching..thank God 4 his protection over your life..I pray God help u with all ur resolutions

    1. The last time I checked(Today), u are still my Tomi…lol
      no vegsz… gists still dey…

      Thank God for my life..

      *clears throat*. Announcement, meet my Special, one and only daughter… Tomi… 🙂

  3. Thank God 4 ur life. d experiences are stepping stones to ur greatness coz He’s taking u somewhere great, jst hold on to Him. u’re d Lord’s favourite. Happi Boxing day

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