Day 27: Kemi Windapo

I did the moon dance when she accepted to be featured here! 🙂
Kemi’s 2014….So Far!

Hi! I’m Kemi and I’m as lazy as lazy gets.
Heck! I’m the definition of lazy. I’m an unapologetic serial procrastinator and I don’t do stuff till they’re due or almost due. Hence; my late submission.

When Pero asked me to write about my year so far, I was a bit skeptical because I haven’t written anything in a pretty long time even though writing is one of my favourite things.

At the end of the year 2013, I asserted that it wasn’t my year and I was rather certain that 2014 was going to be a good year for me and so it happened… 2014 for me started on a high note even though there was a slight dip at the beginning of the ‘ember months’. I however had more highs than lows and for this, I’m thankful. Whenever I go through my year, I write in the following  headings;

It’s funny how just early last year I had a pimple riddled face all because of part two pros and today, I’m well on my way to final year. People keep asking; “when will you graduate?” and when I say 2016, they’re always like it’s so farrr..but not to me. Even my dad thought I was gonna graduate at the end of this year.

This year was a pretty good school year. Seniors say that 500 level is a lounging year but trust me, they lied! I didn’t get to lounge as much as I anticipated. I’m just happy community health is over and done with! If I have to read “project formulation document” or “focused group discussion” one more time, I may just have a fit!

I enjoyed the visits to Shomolu and Pakoto in Ogun State even though all the walking in the sun literally made me BURN!! I’m just happy I aced my community health exams.
I also had a whole lot of fun during my General Medical Practice (GMP) posting to Dr. Seyi Robert’s Royal Cross Medical Center (RCMC). Not because of the transport money I got everyday or anything. It just opened up my eyes to the fact that in all that I do, I have to become a specialist in something. When you’re a specialist and you’re good at what you do, people will come looking for you from far and wide whilst paying top dollar just to consult you. This consultation I speak of may not even last 5 minutes.

I also met a patient who just looked at me and said; “you’re gonna be a good doctor some day”. This made me spin.

I carried out my final year research project on hypertension and I really enjoyed the field work and analysis. Researching may just be my thing because all of it came really easily to me.

Secondary rotations in Ophthalmology and Anaesthesia also happened and I’m considering a residency in Anaesthesia. Yes, I’m still very indecisive about the residency programme I want to undertake. I just finished going through my rotation in Psychiatry and it was quite an adventure. It opened my eyes to so many realities of life.

All in all, 2014 was kinda sorta a good year for school.


I got to develop a praying culture that works really well for me. I now have  a special way of communicating with him.

My mum was around for most of the year and more parents = more money. I’m not saying parents are only useful for money and stuff but you get my drift.

I got to attend 3 weddings this year. Aso ebi inclusive and I really like the idea of gele tying even though I have to be weary of my edges. I have also discovered my love for iro and buba. I plan to acquire so many.

I haven’t bashed my car as much as my daddy expected. He just won’t admit that I’m a darn good driver.

It was a really good year for Nigerian music. #SupportYourLocalBrand guys!

I turned 21. The big21. I had an amazing surprise party. My friends, Dad, Mrs. Koya and Uncle Deolu were all in on it and I was beyond surprised. They couldn’t have done it better. I’m thankful to God for making it to 21. So many people don’t get to make it to 21.

I saw so many stage plays and they happen to be my new found favourite form of entertainment. Theatre in Lagos should be one of the next big things. I would go for stage plays every weekend but the way my pocket is set up.. ☹

I watched so many movies and series as usual. I didn’t watch as many as I did last year tho.

I didn’t misplace any of my devices even though misplacing devices seem to be my forte.

I got to attend my first Salah parry! Many thanks to Kafa and Raudah.


Nigeria. (This includes the whole package! GEJ, Corruption, Violence, Drowning economy, Boko Haram, Patience Jonathan, Patience Jonathan’s Stylist and MUA, Doyin Okupe et al.)

Money issues towards the end of the year.
Spending most of my time playing candy crush. I need candy crush rehab 🙁

Breaking Habeebah’s phone which led to the breaking of my side mirror.

Not reading as many books as I wanted.


All in all, it was a pretty good year seeing as I had more highs than lows even though thinking about Nigeria and her problems overwhelm me everyday.

I did a lot of thinking this year. Thinking about the future that is. I’m at a point in my life where I should have made some major decisions so;

I’m wondering what the future holds.

I’m wondering what trade I can learn/business I can undertake.

I’m wondering how I’ll cope when I get married and have children. How will I cope with cooking, expenses, taking care of babies and all that because I don’t think I want a nanny neither do I want to put my career on hold. At the same time, I don’t wanna age before my time.

I’ll like to believe that when I get to the bridge, I’ll cross it.

In all of this, I’m grateful to God for this year thus far and I’m definitely looking forward to the new year!

Final year ahoy!!

PS. Thank you Pero for not giving up on me 🙂

Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots! 🙂

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