Day 31: Depero Ajayi

Finally we are here!!! I present myself 🙂
As I lay on my bed reminiscing on 2014, my year of extraordinary miracles, I am most grateful to God for how far he brought me.

I started the year very anxious, trying to figure things out, making sure everything was well organized et al until I got tired of organising what God had sorted! I later learnt I should just live each day as it comes!

So much happened this year if I had to share, I will end up writing a book, but i’ll gist you small.

School was good, resumed Community Health class in January; my friend got married in April and the reception was lovely, I had my first karaoke at her reception and it was sweet cos I smile as I remembered the experience, she gave birth to a handsome child months later and everyone famzed him!

I fought depression, yes! I won. I was more grateful for this when I heard about the actor that died. You know, I’ve heard people give testimonies of divine healing, I had my share of that. The type of depression I had wasn’t the one that you just come off, it was the ‘eleyi gidi gan’ type. Psychiatry posting made me appreciate God some more for health. I’m never going to be there again in Jesus name. God bless Dr Orenuga for been a huge source of strength!

My year 2014 birthday is my best yet. Even though I can be difficult to surprise or make so emotional cos most people believe I live in a world of my own, my wish been granted made me very emotional, one surprise after the other. I was touched! Special shout out to Habeeb for the RayBan shades. I actually had a week long birthday celebration, I had a small parry without spending #5. I felt really loved, God just looked down on me and blessed me with the best set of friends on earth.

Community Health was released and I had a C, I was grateful, knowing the stress I put Leke, my study partner through, over worrying about exams. God bless you Leke with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Yes, I was wrote my dissertation, sharing about this will not end if I start, I’ll make it short. My abstract was accepted for Oral presentation at the 9th Annual Unilag scientific conference and fair, I presented and I wasn’t shy! Soon y’all will have to reference my work when you’re talking mHealth or maternal and child health, ose fans, thank you, thank you. 🙂 I finally figured out an area of medicine I’d love to specialise in. After this came secondary posting in, Ophthalmology, anesthesia and psychiatry. Psychiatry end of posting was worse than Professional exams and I had to combine it with Leaders In Training Experience program I got in for. I felt drained for most days in December.

I joined the Orator’s Club, Christian Medical & Dental Students Association and was made Class editor, helped in organizing Elixir an open mic night where I read excerpt from Almost A Bride, thanks to Kelia for the huge encouragement, I stepped out of my shyness once again! Attended a few book readings and my love for African fiction skyrocketed; I had to tell myself “Pero you have schoolbooks to read!”. I met a lot of writers via social media too.

My social life this year was almost none existent, as it was from one assignment to another. I had a lot of ‘make up’ periods in the year. Pero you’re always busy was what everyone kept saying, asides my birthday week and a couple of trips to the cinema. I had to make up for lost time with friends and sundry after exams on 23nd Dec. till 30th  So shoutout to Dami, Jane et al, even if we didn’t get to gist as much, I always thought about you *can’t face* Forever in my heart! =-*

I got better with my writing skills and the blog grew. The Almost a Bride series was the highlight of my writing this year, if you’ve not read it, are you a last man? Click here, don’t carry last! I was featured in KB club magazine, CMDA’s TOUCH magazine and Unilag’s Book of Abstract. I also joined in producing CMDA Students, LUTH Chapter magazine. More people believe I should have gone into arts rather than sciences, sometimes I feel so too but…

I had new roommates in my 3man room, maybe not totally new because one of my exroomies happened to be my roommate again. Even though I could be very quiet, I think we bonded kinda. I wish I spoke more too, not that I don’t talk o, I just talk in my head and my mouth wouldn’t open, painting the room with Tosin was fun and Fisayo Fashola is such a sweet girl!

I love Asa, her Bed of Stone album is very very interesting, everyone of the song and no I am not derailing neither was I paid to do that.

As you were reading, my spiritual life was fantastic. My relationship with God gets better with each day, I’m still work in progress though. I knew more and I was glad for the opportunities I had this year to serve and share of this sweet Christ.  I attended CMDA outreaches and conferences. Yes Dad, your daughter went to IMO state for CMDA conference! 😀

Gracias to everyone that was part of this year’s 31Days 31Voices, your ink will never run dry, God will always give you something mindblowing to share that will touch other lives. Thanks to everyone that has been following from day one (thank you Dare), for the retweets, likes, sharing and all, may Perry’s Tots always have something interesting to share. E se gan, you’re highly valued!

Hopes, dreams and expectations for 2015: I want to trust God more than I have ever trusted him in my life, be a better writer, read more, live in a changed Nigeria plus exceedingly abundantly above all I can ever ask or imagine that God has for me because I am what I am by the grace of God!

Don’t leave without dropping a comment, at least wish me happy new year! 😀

Cheers to a greater 2015! *wine*

See y’all in 2015, be safe and go to church, I love you! *kisses* *hugs*

Happy New Year from Perry’s Tots! 😀



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  1. At last, after much anticipation we finally heard her voice. Nice one. One more thing, would to see u perform karaoke to ur Asa’s favourite song *smile*

  2. Thank God for you. You’re a bundle of testimony and the Almighty that has started with you won’t let you go. If you think 2014 was awesome, just wait and see what God wanna do in your 2015. More Grace sis…

  3. I’m happy God saw you through.. 2015 will be a year of joy, happiness, good health so much more. I’m sure he’ll turn up for you come 2015. *winks*

  4. Thank God for this year! U have really gone places and hopefully u will reach the top as the years go by.This was a great and interesting year, really enjoyed ur tid bits,ur stories and esp Almost a bride series. Happy New Year Ms Perry♥ God is ur strength.

  5. Lovely piece as usual…Thks for being part of this wonderful year…lets do it again in 2015..happy new year in advance dearie

  6. hehe… Thank God I have returned to the internet, that is how I would have missed this mention… chai!

    I remember thinking, ‘she seems really content’ every time I saw you.

    Happy New Year
    (now let me go and read all the other post and comment… would make highest commenter by your next blogoversary)

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