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Hello Perry’s Tots family, I’m sure we’ve all been doing great by God’s grace. Hope 2015 has been awesome so far.

On my way back from Lagoon Hospital where I went to drop my elective program application, all that kept resounding in my head was Change. I do not mean the change as par the theme of this year’s presidential campaign in Nigeria even though that is what we need most at such a time as this.

I mean change as per we cannot do things same way and expect a different result. Hence, we have to be very dynamic and flexible people for us to progress since change is constant. We should be ready to make changes in different aspects of our lives in this New Year; even if a method has always worked, take a minute to think, how it can be better. Always remember, with change comes growth.

Talking about change, I decided to come out of my shell since over the years everyone has had something to say about that aspect of me. I want to explore me and who knows what I will discover. It has been a lovely experience so far. Having about a ten minutes chat with someone gave me an idea that will transform my life in the near future. I finally joined Instagram too! Feel free to follow me, adeperoajayi.

I also want to encourage us using excerpt from the book I’m currently reading, When God Doesn’t Make Sense. No matter how insurmountable our personal situations or Nigeria might be presently,

“A loving father does not tear the heart out of a family for selfish purposes! No, it is better to acknowledge that we have been given too few facts to explain all the heartache in an imperfect, fallen world.”

However, we should also not forget God’s promises, though we go through so much anguish, it will be like a woman suffering the pains of labor. When her child is born, her anguish gives way to joy because she
has brought a new baby into the world, surely, we will rejoice, and no one can rob us of that joy. Amen

What have you been up to? What have you changed or decided to change in 2015?

I want Perry’s Tots to be more interactive this year, feel free to share your views here, twitter (@mz_perrry), instagram (adeperoajayi) yay!! 😀 BBM or my facebook page (Like Perry’s Tots). Subscribe via mail  so you don’t miss any posts in 2015 as there is a lot you don’t want to miss out. I love y’all. Xoxo 


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