*Picks mic*

I see hardwork,
In the old woman that sells agbalumo or boli under the sun,
The young boy hawking on the road, running between cars.
He had mastered the art he runs faster than the danfo.
I see hunger,
In the face of the antisocial driver,
He had to pay agberos at every busstop,
What exactly is the money for?
Tax or commission?
I see suffering,
The man that has to cough out money he doesn’t have
To fuel his generator so his business and source of survival
doesn’t collapse but Forward Nigeria statistics says we now enjoy electricity,
How I long for the day ‘Up Nepa’ will become extinct.
The family whose child had to die,
They didn’t have millions to travel abroad even after doing their best.
Bsc. degree holder who rides a motorcycle,
The angered man who rides the tricycle and heard it’s about to be ban.

*Wipes tears*

I see love,
In the lady that drops the naira note in the bowl of the man by the street
Not because she has enough for herself.
I see fear,
At any loud sound, people race!
Boko Haram or bomb is the first guess of the source.
I see disappointment,
The politrickians promises have not still been fulfilled,
But they promised when they came visiting.
I see hope,
In the faces of the masses,
Multitudes trooping en mass to rallying ground under rain or sun
Will the election automatically change everything?
Change begins with you and I!

*Drops mic*

Agbalumo: African star apple
Boli: Roasted plantain
Danfo: Commercial bus
Agbero: Able bodied men at bus stop that enforce dues or levies on commercial bus drivers.

PS: I’m sorry I kept you waiting for this post, I hope you enjoyed it. I will like to know what you see. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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  1. What do I see? I see sheep without shepherd. I see poverty at the heart of plenty. I see selfishness in a place of love. And what we see is important… I see hope for a better leadership. I see opportunity to share abundance. I see love in a place where selfishness thrives. ‘Change begins with you & I’: and what we see is important. What do you see?

  2. Looks who is back… I know I make it sound like you’ve been gone for years…. but missed you already!

    I have seen many BSc Okada men, and I see respect for them, that they would chose honest work over anything else.

    I see Faith, that even in the mist of challenges, they wouldnt give up so easily.

  3. *PICKS MIC*

    When even the tongue speaking, vision seeing graduate indirectly adds prices to every item his organization wants to purchase kus the “MINIMUM WAGE RATE” isn’t “minimum enough”.

    I see “CHEATS”
    When all what friends and lovers do is cheat cheat cheat.

    I see “BETRAYALS”
    Even our pastors and politicians and leaders do that for fame and glory.

    I see “A DEAD END”
    But I know GOD is turning it around.

    That’s what I see

  4. I see people walking around with fake smiles because they don’t want to burden other people with their problems. A problem shared, a problem half solved.
    I see people deteriorate before my very eyes as hope is slowly sapped from them. We need hope to survive.
    I see a generation consumed by power, money and sex in the search for happiness. If only they know that happiness comes from contentment and even if one has the whole, until one is content, one can never be happy.

    Beautiful write up. Heard about you from a friend (your friend). You’ll definitely be seeing me pretty often. Love your blog.

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