What Can I Write To You Of Love?


My definition of Love as written on Kelia’s Blog.


What can I write to you of love?
I await the day of my fairytale encounter, 
When I’d feel the butterflies in my tummy,
When I’d meet my knight in shining armour,
He  will be taller than I am,
So when we kiss I can tiptoe with a leg hanging in the air.

I can write to you of a love,
Between a friend and I,
The gold standard of love,
I call him The perfect lover.
He gave his life for me,
Even when I hurt him, He still loves me, 
I wonder why He loves me so unconditionally.

The perfect lover taught me 
Love never gives up,
Love is content,
Love looks for the best,
Love has big eyeballs but shuts it to the other person’s weaknesses,
Love is a choice,
Love is committed,
Love never dies,
It pierces, burns and heals.

Love is just what it is,
It wears many faces to different people.

When my love finds me, I’ll write to you of my encounter.

Thanks for the opportunity Kelia.

Adepero is a Medical student, she writes and inspires many on her blog Perry’s Tots. She is a calm, peace loving and courageous person. Say hello to her on twitter @Mz_perrry, she’s on instagram too :AdeperoAjayi

Happy Valentine’s day to you from Perry’s Tots, have a love filled day and not this type of val!

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