So I’m in this Writing 101 thingy and the first assignment is to write freely for twenty minutes without thinking. Unlocking the mind, so here I am free styling.

School has resumed and the past few days have been hectic. Med school isn’t beans. Holidays don’t even stimulate me anymore.
Elixir is coming up soon, watch out Medilag peeps.#WritersAreMagic

It’s not twenty minutes yet.

I’m excited about this #Writing101 because I’ve always wanted an avenue to know more about writing and all. I hope I maximize the opportunity WordPress gave me and school doesn’t grip me completely.

My classmates will be making a hell of noise in the wee hours of Friday Medilag peeps, like you’ve never heard it before, just because YBC! Class of 2015. The Royal Itumenge. Lol


Of late, I’ve been shielding the thoughts of parting ways with my class mates soon, six years almost done. I’ve made amazing friends here and I would miss them when the time comes! The guys in my class are getting married too! Young guys o in their early twenties, it made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes.

It’s funny how when a phase of your life is about to end, you start planning for the next and what you thought was far away could just be happening  in a few months, weeks or days. Time indeed doesn’t wait for any man.

Life happens to everyone.

I’m happy about my country, Nigeria. I think we’re finally becoming the giant we are meant to be.

So, I look forward to the next #Writing101 assignment. Bye guys.

Photo Credit: CMUL M&S Class of ’15 Editorial board

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