Go Perry It's Your Birthday…


Hello Fam, hope we all had an amazing Saturday and enjoyed the rain. In the next three hours my age will change, it’s amusing how the age I used to think was afar off is what I am today, how time flies ehn. (this age phobia thing wouldn’t just leave me be)


Plenty thanks to God for his love, favor and faithfulness in my life, a lot can sure happen in a year. I can remember my last birthday so clearly which I’m yet to recover from the avalanche of love shown to be (I doubt I will ever recover from the surprises, I mean!) *love struck*

Like I say every now and then, God blessed me with the most awesome people he created, I call them friends. Most times, I wonder what I did to deserve such… I’m lost for words to describe y’all. God bless you plenty plenty. One day you people will tell me why you love me so. 😀

This year God blessed my writing, I’m getting better. I even wrote fiction; Almost a Bride is the title if you’re yet to read it. I hope to write another series soon but med school is hectic. Thanks to all my readers for journeying with me in this my hobby, you all have a special place in my heart, if not I wouldn’t be posting this. Thank you, E se, Da’lu, Nagode, Merci.

With increasing age comes more responsibilities, this year was my busiest year ever and I’m thankful for every opportunity God gave me.

This is where I announce the winners of the tickets to the stage play at Terra Kulture.  Kuku and Gbog won the tickets. Yay!! I will post pictures from our outing.

I like to help with making decisions on birthday gift easy, so I present to you my wish list, hehe.


Books (Autobiography, African Literature, Financial intelligence)


More prayers

Much more prayers

So this is where I signout and return to my Labour ward call. Till next time, I love you so very very much and thanks for been a part of my amazing life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Xoxo

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  1. Owk. So I can boldly scream. “I won a ticket”!!!!!!?!!!!!!??


    Happy birthday Miss Perry.

    God bless your new age.


  2. Happy birthday Mz Perry!!! May you continue to succeed in ur hobby and ur other endeavours.
    Enjoy ur outing,we cant wait to see the posts. Keep doing the good work and God bless!!!

  3. One more year is behind you. Your birthday reminds us that we have reason to be thankful for each and every day that goes by.

    The world is a better place because you are in it and on your birthday, remind yourself of that fact!

    God Bless you..ava beautiful 2015 birthday, u do deserve every bit of it.xoxo

  4. Happy birthday oremi,wishing you more successful years to come in good health and riches,grow in grace dear.All love.

  5. Happy birthday friendship…May God continue to bless u. Yuh shall succeed in all yur endeavours.the Lord wii b ur guide nd shield. …hv a good one today. ..we are proud of yuh babe nd we love yuh

  6. Happy Birthday Dear,
    Here is Wishing you long life in good health, peace and prosperity that brings no sorrow. The rest of your years be better than the past.
    God shall shower you with His choicest blessings today and all d days of ur life in Jesus Name.

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