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Hallo everyone, hope we all had an amazing week, TGIF! 😀

It’s the middle of the year and a time to take stock of our resolutions, hopes and aspirations we made or had in the beginning of the year. The promises we made, how have we been able to keep them, what method or way have we learnt to overcome some habits we wanted to stop.

We will have lovely people share about some of the things they planned to do in the beginning of the year and steps they’ve made and how far they  have you gone in achieving them.

The aim is to encourage one another to work hard at achieving whatever we set out to do and to give someone a ray of hope even if their expectations aren’t been met at the moment.

It promises to be an interesting premiere  series. Feel free to share yours too and if you want it to be published, kindly send a mail to adeperoajayi@yahoo.com. 😀

The series will run in July and the first post will be up later today. I will post as many articles I get, so be a part of this.
Thank you very much. Xoxo

*plays Orente by AdekunleGold*

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