I Promised… 3

This will inspire you to achieve what you set out to do in 2015. I had to type while she shared her experience because I know someone needs to read this! 😀

At the beginning of this year, I remember my best friend telling me to list out what I wanted to achieve and we both prayed about it. I had so many things I wanted to achieve but topmost on my list was to lose weight.

I made up my mind it was high time I made it happen because I had tried so many times and I only added more weight. I had tried it all! Each time I made an effort  to lose weight, I added. I started jogging at 70kg, I failed. When I was 80kg, I tried gyming, I failed. When I was 85kg, I started jogging and tried dieting I added extra 5kg. I finally hit 90kg in March 2015…lol. I decided to stop this roller coaster even though I didn’t know how to make it happen. I knew I was on a dangerous path if I did not do something fast, I am only 1.53m tall. 🙁

I went online and I saw a lot of people into weight loss but they were very expensive, then I got a tag early March from Total Makeover Program(@totalmakeoverp) on Instagram (email: totalmakeoverp@gmail.com)  on how she had lost 40kg and has helped others lose weight. I enrolled into the program March 23rd this year and she promised me a mind transforming program not just a weight loss program, so my weight loss journey began again.

It was hard, VERY HARD!

In the journey, I killed the pessimistic, unwilling and lazy part of me forever. My instructor pushed me, killed me and resuscitated me several times. She just wouldn’t allow me give up. I cried, made excuses and reasons why I couldn’t and how some things were just impossible, my favorite statement was “You just would not understand.” Now it all makes sense, there is nothing to understand about being FAT. 😀

It was 100% natural weight-loss, no pills, no shakes just exercise and diet!

With 17kg gone, my clothes are now baggy, from size 18 to 12! The 23 year old me is no longer referred to as Madam or Mummy in public but Sister, Young lady which really means a lot to me. I now look my age and like someone’s girlfriend not his…lol.

My fat friends and even people I don’t know are inspired to lose weight. I can go on and on but I want to say special thanks to Almighty God for everything, my parents and my siblings. To my Bae-Oluwole, to my endless lists of friends especially Pero, Kanyinsola, Ibukun, Jane, Gift, Ope, Laju, Sike, Ngozi, Ada, Sade,  Greatson, Habeebah, Tolu Abidogun thank you.

I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved all I set to do about my weight loss but I’m not where I used to be and I want to use this medium to encourage everyone struggling with weight loss or weight-gain, keep trying.

You are not a failure till you stop trying. 😀

Damilola Fagbemi


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  1. nice piece darl’. I’m really happy for you, and I’m glad you’ve finally gotten your mojo back. plenrry love :*

  2. Since “I promised 1” network been crazy, and can’t even load the page… buh this is “I promised 3” and gbam, I’m reading a miracle on Dammy’s life…

    Congrats Dammy.

    Life long Maintenance na the KoKo of the matter…


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