I Promised… 6

I promised…
So late last year, I got this amazing opportunity to study and conduct research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I had been thoroughly concerned about existing methods of delivering and financing healthcare during the course of my public health year, so, I decided to do something about it- Ild try to find a better way!

*For those not overly concerned with the often bland rigors of academic pursuit; I’m truly sorry to bore you with the next few lines* lol

Ehen, I had hoped to do a systematic review of existing literature focusing on the most feasible way to guarantee community participation in the funding of health insurance schemes. You see, at a time when most of my friends were taking a break off LUTH work to rest and probably see the world, I was bothering my head about how best 160 million people can pay for their healthcare. I had played my small part in the containment of the Ebola virus in Nigeria through my work with Ebola Alert and was feeling really cool that anything could be achieved in Nigeria & by Nigerians; hehe.

Asides studying at Hopkins, my research paper had been accepted to a conference at Yale and so I also had plans for what ild do with that opportunity. The thing is, you see, some people actually get happy when they see plenty books or have some really ‘interesting’ materials to read; lol. Don’t just mind them…
I had hoped to publish my paper right after the conference and as a sharp Naija guy; I had already written out my paper (Times New Roman, font 12, even double spaced sef)  just incase I saw a publisher.

My journey to Hopkins was pretty eventful and let me tell you, much as I tried o, i haven’t still come up with my magic recipe for Nigeria’s heath financing; lol.
I still managed to return with some research sha- much on policy and strengthening existing frameworks for delivering mental health care.
However, my principal goal still remains and after 7 months I’m still thinking.

Going forwards into the second part of the year, I’m currently working on developing a pilot project with the Lagos Business School and also knocking my insurance ideas around a few mentors in the finance field. I hope that before the end of the year, my company would have something to work with.
Also, although I couldn’t publish my paper while at Yale, it’s been put forward for publishing here in Lagos and hopefully before the end of the year it will be. 

All of this is being combined with the pursuit of an MBBS and so bros has to take precaution to balance it all out and keep everything in line.
All the same; it’s been an amazing 1st half- God has indeed been faithful!
Thank you Pero for this opportunity… Chukwu gozie gi.


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