I Promised… 7

I started this year with a lot of expectations and plans. I wanted what a new year implies….a new beginning. This year so far has not been without its ups and downs but with God on my side, I can say this first half has not been wasted.

My first plan was concerning my career. I wanted to graduate from the Faculty of Pharmacy and  start my internship as soon as possible. Since I was entering a new phase in my life, I wanted to develop myself in order to be prepared spiritually, intellectually, socially and financially.

I started by getting closer to my family after being away from them for nearly five years because I think family is the most important part of my life after God. I did that by devoting my internship-hunting period totally to them. Another aspect of the plan which I did simultaneously with the first was to prepare spiritually. I’m a born-again Christian so I carry out spiritual exercises but this year as God has been helping me, I’ve been doing some extra things which have started paying.

Also, I had plans to read books on various topics totally different from Pharmacy related subjects. I’m currently on my third book which is a far distance from what I had planned but at least, I’m not where I used to be. I wanted to develop myself socially by going out more and getting to know and relating with different people. I’ve not exactly effected my plans on the going out part #fingerscrossed# but in the main time, I’ve become more active on social media and thank God I’m beginning to cultivate the habit of checking my mails daily.

Financially, I’ve basically just tried to spend within my means and stop borrowing. Well, I’m still on it but I’m really really trying to keep it in my consciousness, asking myself if I really need something before I buy it. I pray to get better in this second half as God continues to help me.

Oluwaseunfunmi Oyetunde

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