I Promised… 8

Hello everyone, my name is Adepoju Oluwatosin. Enjoy.

Previous years, I have always had new year resolutions that I can’t even remember by the end of the year but this year I changed plans. I decided to break them down into every day in 2015. I planned to live my life daily by setting daily plans to help make my 365 days count. I plan each day the night before or early in the morning during devotion. As I step out of my room I leave with the picture of how I want my day to go. To help me do this I keep a lot of reminders on my phone to keep me in check. Though there have been days I went out without a picture but I have become better at planning my days. Indeed my days so far in the year have been wonderful and has yielded amazing results.

I have come to discover that “consistency is the key to perfection” and this has guided me in my academics.

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  1. Consistency is considered d key to successful living. Its odd how one intends to live on daily picturized circumstance which are susceptible to change. This may cause a negative response to an opportunity which might come but once in lifetime. But prayerful preparation prevents poor performance in any sphere of our life. I acknowledge the fact that prayer is key but placing limiters like daily repetition could hinder variety of new experiences. I made resolution prayed about it and can see it occurring in a redefined way not exact. Finally as far as we are actors and actresses on this stage of life living daily is probably the best option wr we deserve.

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