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Happy new month wonderful people, so so grateful to be alive and well. A big thank you to the guest writers that contributed to the “I Promised…” series, sure we enjoyed it; because I did. 😀

Today I want to share an experience that broke my heart! </3

On Thursday, I decided to join oncology and pathology study unit of Obstetrics & Gynecology to learn something outside my unit. I walked into the clinic and joined my colleagues clerking this middle-aged happy and very friendly woman. Her smile was so contagious and her facial expressions were enough to make the saddest person alive smile. Her  replies to questions asked were epic. Just a very happy woman.

“I wanted my children to study medicine but one is studying mass comm.” She said as she smiled.

She wore a simple multicolored gown and beautifully styled her kinky braid and her messenger bag strapped around her shoulder; even at that age Mama was trendy.

We finished clerking and my colleague presented to the consultant, he asked me the first question; “What do you think the diagnosis is from her presenting complaint?”

The first thing that came to my mind was cervical cancer but I couldn’t say it, how can I put such label on this woman. Even though what she came with pointed at that, I couldn’t believe this woman will have such, how could I label this woman a cancer patient, this happy woman, I just didn’t want anything to take away her happiness. How would she take it?

The consultant finally put the label on her, I looked at her as my heart broke, sweat immediately formed on her face as she held her abdomen.

“We will do a test for you to confirm.”

“How much is it?”

“It is about thirty eight thousand naira?”
She looked broken, “I just paid ten thousand for one test before I was told to come here.”

“Is it too expensive?”

“I will pay. Sheybi it is to save life.”

My heart broke the more. She is a widow with two children with at least a child in the university. God knows how she would be able to get the money. A lot of women go through this with even less earning ability.
After she was attended to, as we filled the form for the other tests she has to do, she smiled. Mama smiled. I felt like hugging her because I wondered what other obstacles she had or was fighting before she was given a label that maybe glued on her or removed depending on the result of the investigations.

I want to use this medium to remind us about the Breast Cancer campaign to form the largest pink ribbon in the world. This will enable us:

– Promote breast awareness and cancer survivorship.
To advocate for the inclusion of cancer care in the National Health Insurance scheme.
– To raise funds to treat 500 cancer patients.

If cancer care is included in the National Health Insurance Scheme, people like mama don’t have to sweat on their faces because of the cost of treatment. So please support the campaign.

God will break his record in your life this August! Xoxo.

Photo credit: Me, myself & I

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