The Pink Diary. Episode 2


Adetoro and Adesewa were surprised at the gift and their grandma teased the girls about it. “Guess who has an admirer?” she said in a very funny way that made the girls laugh.

“Thanks for helping me receive it Grandma.”

She kept thinking about who the mysterious admirer was; the person whether boy or girl, man or woman, young or old knew her house address. If it were her office it was delivered to, she wouldn’t have been as curious as most people had her office address.

The thought of who it could be kept coming as she decided to open the gift. It was a customized blue fashion journal. She was so excited about it and she loved it. She was curious about who knew what she would like as a birthday gift. Opening the journal, she found different parts of it showing pictures of her designs. As she flipped through, she saw a note that said, “Come out of your room into the hallway and there the answer to your questions will be.”

Although she was very tired from the day’s work and celebration, her curiosity won her over. She hopped from her bed and she saw her sister in the hallway laughing.

“What is funny? Why are you laughing?”

“I just got a funny message jare. However, hope you know I secretly admire you aunt Sewa. Sweetest sister of all time, I’m your secret admirer.”

Adesewa, shook her head, hit her sister playfully, and thanked her. “You’re not serious.” They hugged and she went to bed.

Sewa was at work the next Saturday alone after the festive period reflecting and planning for Diva Lounge’s tenth year anniversary. She remembered how she started and now she has a building of her own with the future smiling at her.

The anniversary was here and everything was in place. The hall was filled with a lot of people; the young, old, rich and middle-class were in attendance. There were models gracing each corner of the hall. This made Sewa very happy because one of the aims of her fashion house was to provide outfits everyone could afford. There were different categories, you just needed to know where you fit. Mrs. Shokoya was dressed in one of the Perele collections. Sewa was so happy giving the welcome address. A toast was made to Diva Lounge and to future successes. While making the toast, Sewa and Segun were happy telling everyone about the next celebration which was in six weeks time.

“Aso ebi and cap for the wedding is still available” Segun told Wale. His childhood friend when he enquired.

Everyone ate until they had enough and shortly after that was the dance session.
The DJ played several genres of music and as he played Shoki, everyone put forward their right hand and bent dancing. It was a new dance Sewa had been trying to learn. Segun has been teaching her, her second favorite was Shakitibobo. They had trained tirelessly. Dancing wasn’t just her thing.
The other guests danced until they got tired, they all wanted to outdo eachother.

Sewa got home, removed the long yellow sequin gown and she sat on the bed to relax and reminisce on the day’s event. She later got the strength to have her bath.

She turned on the water heater and entered the alcove bathtub, the warm water flowed down from her hair to her torso, her hand suddenly hit the solid bulge in her breast.

As she was about to come out the bathroom, the light went off.

“Toro, please bring me the torch light.” She shouted.

Toro put on the torch, which helped her navigate her way through the hallway to her room.   

“Thanks my secret admirer.”

Her phone rang; it was time for their daily bedtime phone call.

“How was your day?”

“Fine, the wedding planner called me today and we finalized the color for the decorations. Everything is almost set.”

“Alright sweetie.”

They kept chatting for the next 45minutes and she told him about the solid mass she felt on her breast.

“I will go check it in the hospital tomorrow.”

“Alright, let me know what the doctor says.
Goodnight Orente.”

“Goodnight Love.”

To be continued…

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  1. I suspect breast cancer… Pero if I’m wrong and you spoil my guess like last week’s own ehn! Was expecting a fine boy to be the secret admirer and its sister. If this one is not cancer ehn…

  2. No way! How can Toro be the secret admirer?I was so hoping it would be another guy to keep Segun on his toes. We shall see …

    That thing she has to check out better not be serious. But then the story is called “The Pink Diary,” so … Next episode sha. 🙂

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