The Pink Diary. Episode 4



The one week appointment felt like one year. Her favorite song became Fire flies by Owl city and her earphones became her constant companion. Music had a way of shutting her out of the suspense going on in her life.

She pulled over in front of Segun’s office at Adeniran Ogunsanya, he relocated to his new office about ten months ago. He had different types of cameras. There were three large rooms painted white with several equipment. During Sewa’s first visit she had wondered how a camera could be so long. Segun later educated on the basics of photography. What made the camera long was the lens.

“You can’t date a photographer without knowing the basics and how to take amazing shoots. Don’t worry I will train you for free.” He had teased.

As she entered the bright coloured room, she saw Segun bending over and  engrossed in editing pictures of some clients on the desktop.  She placed her  index finger on her lips to signify to  member of his staff, Bankole and Bimpe not to make any sounds, she went behind him and hugged him from behind.

“Bae is back! How did it go?” he was so excited to see her and he wanted her to say everything was alright, nothing to worry about but she narrated all the doctor said to him as they walked towards his private room in the office. It was where he slept when he had to work overnight.

“You’ll be fine my darling. Don’t worry. I’m here for you.” Segun had reassured her as they cuddled on the neatly laid bed. The bedsheets were newly laid and the feel on her body and the strawberry smell of the room was calming.

Few days later, she got a reminder of her hospital appointment. She was very anxious and had called Segun. He kept reassuring her and declaring positive bible verses to her. She wore a pair of jeans and the beaded blue Ankara top and a sliver slippers, her black long hair fell below her shoulders.

“I wish I could come with you but I’m tied up here.”

“I’m about to enter his office, I’ll talk to you when I’m done.”

Doctor Lawal acted very formal and it was difficult to decipher if it was good or bad news. Nurse Fola was friendly as usual.

“Hmm… Sewa how are you?”

“I don’t know Doctor.”

“We did the test and Sewa…”

“Doctor what!? Just say it already” She shouted.

“The mass is cancerous.”

“Sewa, I’m sorry you have Stage 2, inflammatory breast cancer.” He paused as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“But we did some test on it, it doesn’t respond to hormones. There is this new drug you can use. On the other hand, we could do a breast surgery and we would just take care of this for you. I will refer you to an oncologist.” He made it sound so easy.

She carried her bag and left the room.

“Sewa! Sewa!” He called after her. She ran to her car and the well freely broke loose. She couldn’t  hold the tears. She saw death staring at her and she felt very helpless. When she thought her life was becoming a dream come true, this demon showed up, but from where?

Why will God allow such happen to her, she felt like she was dying with each tick of the clock. She thought of her family, staff members, dreams and Segun; what will become of her and Segun?

She called her sister and broke the news to her; it was a very sad moment as they cried together. She was in shock and couldn’t believe she had cancer. She came to pick her from the hospital.

“Have you told Segun?”

“Not yet. How will he take it? “

“Call him now.”

“Toro, tell me this is a dream. Just like that. Where did I get cancer from?”

She dialled Segun’s number and it rang twice before he picked.

“How was it?”

“Segun, I have stage 2 breast cancer.”
He was speechless and didn’t know what to say. She ended the call and hoped he would call back.

To be continued.

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