The Pink Diary. Episode 5



Segun was in shock days after the call. He didn’t know what to say to her, was he to tell her everything will be ok or to cry with her or to visit her. He remembered when his father  had a stroke and his mother left. He still hasn’t forgiven her. How would one leave their spouse in time of need? Now, he understands better. It could be draining.

After seven months of their father’s stroke, Mrs. Balogun left the country to start her life anew. Segun and his three siblings saw pictures of their mother with another man that their family friend in America had sent them.  When their father got well about five years ago, the family bond grew stronger than it ever was. He was a mother and father to Tolu, Oluwatofunmi and Tunde during the trying period.

“It’s mummy’s loss. She taught Dad’s wealth will finish. She didn’t know Ola o tan Ola ku seyin Jaburata.” They all burst out laughing. Segun’s Yoruba was the worst in their family.
Now he is in the same situation his mother was and he couldn’t believe he was finding it difficult to accept Sewa. He remembered his vow to her.

“But we are not married.” That voice echoed in his head repeatedly, urging him not to rope himself into the trouble and stress. He can’t deny his love for Sewa but sometimes, love alone is not enough.

He got back from work and saw his dad dancing to Ebenezer Obey’s album. He was surprised at how happy and joyful his father was.

“Any news dad?” He asked with a surprised look.

“I was reminiscing about my life and I’m thankful for all God has done in my life. Segun, health is indeed wealth!”

They both sat on the brown couch in the big parlor.

“Segun, when I remember that stroke experience, I get very excited and grateful for life. Your mother left me but my children never left my side. I felt broken when your mother left but you and your siblings add flavor to my existence. You all make me happy and I know my children don’t leave the scene when the fire is hottest.”

His father’s speech made his decision making process more difficult, he needed to talk to someone.

He called Tayo, his childhood friend.

“Guy, how far? Are you back from work?”


“I’ll be with you soon.”

To be continued.

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  1. No, sometimes love is not enough. The fact that Segun is already considering this bothers me. I wonder if Sewa would’ve had the same thoughts if their roles were reversed. It’s sad,but we’ll see how it unfolds.

  2. Good writing great ideas keep it up.Be mindful of your spellings.Wheel not well.Remember me when d million starts coming o

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