The Pink Diary. Episode 6



Segun wore his denim shorts and vintage top. He was the regular fresh, 5’11 inches, handsome and homely guy anyone will like to have. His cuteness wasn’t in his head, he was friendly and playful. Sewa was always there to caution him whenever she thinks he was going overboard. He says it is one of the side effects of his job as a photographer.

“I have to be playful to be able to create poses for my clients sweetie.” He said mischievously.  He had told Sewa at one of her regular visits to his house. The conversation resulted in a play fight, which ended when Tolu entered the parlour abruptly, he also saw them kiss. That was the day Sewa met Segun’s family memebers. The way Segun’s siblings and dad fell in love with Sewa was indescribably. Segun felt it was high time he moved to his own place but he didn’t want to leave his dad all by himself. He didn’t trust his siblings to take good care of him.

Segun and Tayo were childhood friends, aside the fact that they attended same school from nursery to university, they had travelled round the world together. They used to live beside eachother until Tayo’s family moved to their own house which was thirty minutes’ drive from Tayo’s house.

The drive to Tayo’s house was the hectic as it started to rain without warning. Rain in Lagos is equivalent to traffic and the road wasn’t car-friendly.

“This one you are not smiling, how far?”

“I’m in a fix and I need to know your view on this.”

Segun told him about all that had been going on with him in the past weeks and his confusion.

“Guy, I know with Sewa you’re happy. She is all any man wants; gentle, hardworking, intelligent, creative and respectful. I can’t decide because you’re the one going to marry her.”

“Leave story. If you were in my shoes what will you do?”

“I will marry Adesewa!” He exclaimed sarcastically.

“I will marry Adesewa!” Segun exclaimed.

Tayo looked at Segun in surprise.

To be continued…

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim readers.

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