The Pink Diary. Episode 7



Sewa sketched more than ever. It had become what she did to put her worries far from her.

Wedding on hold.

Her life seemed like that of a snail, everything seemed to be moving so slow and she felt like she was lost in a crowd. Her family’s encouragement had been her pillar, after questioning God and she was tired, she turned to Him.

After the referral to the oncologist, she had been through hell and back! She hasn’t even commenced treatment because she wanted to be ready for everything.

She didn’t realized her Iphone had been ringing.

50 missed calls. 

When she saw who the caller was, she laughed. She let the phone ring two more times before she decided to pick.


“Hi? Sewa. I’m sorry I let you down. Please forgive me, I have no excuse, please forgive me Adesewa.”

All she did was sigh, to think her man ran off when her world was crashing. Who was meant to be there if not him?

“Are you still there Sewa?”

“Yes Segun, what do you want?”

“I want to see you. I need to see you.”

“I will let you know.”

She stayed quiet until he ended the call.

When Toro got back home, they talked about the surprising call.

“So what do you want to do?”

“I love him. I guess he was just startled by the news and he didn’t know how to handle it.”

“I think you should forgive him too.” They talked about how both their days have been, watched Spy and fell asleep.

The next morning, Sewa sent Segun a text, “You can see me, come to the office.”

Since Sewa had said she would let Segun know what she decides, Segun’s Iphone had been his most precious possession. He checked it every hour. He couldn’t sleep well at night thinking, perhaps she might decide to call in the night. When he finally heard the customized message tone for Sewa’s messages, he leaped for joy.
Within a second, he called her and tried to appear composed during the call. They had both missed each other, they both concluded not to talk about his runaway act when they met.

He came to pick her from work at about 2pm. She was dressed in her multicolored Ankara jumpsuit, one of her MacAfee collections.
He had booked a spa treatment for her. She was surprised he had planned her day within a few hours. She went for the massage, which was very relaxing; she could not withstand the heat of the sauna for more than five minutes. She then had her bath and came out looking relaxed and happier than she was earlier. Segun and Sewa then sat side by side, as they, both had manicure and pedicure.
After this, they went to a Chinese restaurant, ate and made up like old times. Chinese meal was Sewa’s Achilles tendon. They talked about when she will start her chemotherapy and progress of the wedding preparation.

“Thank God we already did the pre-wedding shoot. I wouldn’t want you to stress yourself.”

“Thank God. I’m fine sha. I should start chemotherapy on Monday. By the way, your dad called to say he hasn’t heard from me and I told him.”

Segun looked shocked and wondered why his dad never mentioned it to him.

“No problem. It’s ok. Adesewa we are in this together. You’ll be fine, we will be fine and come out stronger.” He said with a big smile.
They gisted about life, politics, business, photography, fashion and entertainment. They had spent eight hours together and it felt like ten minutes. Time really flies when you’re in love Sewa thought.

As Segun got home and entered his house, he saw his aunt sleeping on the couch. He was surprised, what was aunty Funke doing here. Aunty Funke was one of the few people Segun respected and she had been there for him especially in trying times. She is the only one fit to take the place of his mother in his life.

On his wedding day, she is going to be seated as his mother.

He tapped her.

“Aunty, go and sleep in the guest room. Everything is set there. I’m sure you’re not comfortable here.”

“I’ve been waiting for you, Oluwasegunfunmi.”

“I and Sewa went…”

“You and who? Who is Sewa, the cancer patient, the girl that would soon die?”

“You’re not getting married to her.”

To be continued…

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