The Pink Diary. Episode 8


Previously on The Pink Diary.

Everything needed for the wedding was set except for the family to be married to. Sewa decided to put the matter aside and continue her life and her relationship with Segun. Whenever his family was ready they will come and pay her bride price and the wedding will hold.

She was in her store one afternoon, assigning everyone jobs to do and putting the showroom in order when her phone rang. It was an unknown number, these customers that usually go to any extent to to get her personal number and disturb her instead of calling her business number. She thought.

  “Are you Adesewa?” the hoarse voice shouted.

  “what is the problem, please keep your voice…”

“Stay away from Segun, we his family members don’t want you.” The line went off.

She was so confused she had to seat on the nearest couch to her.

“Dear Lord, but where did I go wrong. What exactly did I do to deserve all this?”

Just then, Amaka walked into her office.
Amaka’s office was a part of the showroom at Diva’s Lounge. The office was painted white; the colour gave Sewa inspiration to sketch
designs. Several measurements, to do list and inspirational quotes were pinned to a board. A painting of her was on the wall and several art pieces. She had a mannequin in her office too.

“Madam, I wanted to confirm. Should Mr. Bayo put a slit in the yellow cordlace or not?”
It was after Amaka had asked the question did she realise her boss was wiping tears from her face.

“Aunty Sewa, what’s wrong?”

“Something entered my eyes o. Tell him to put a slit, length 15.”

“Alright Aunty.”

At 4pm, she drove home. She needed to rest her head and sleep. She didn’t know whether to tell Segun about the call or not, he went on a business trip to Ghana for a pre-wedding shoot for a couple and he will be back in four days.

When she got home, Grandma was the only one at home. Her mum was still at the store at Balogun at the popular Eko market in Lagos. Mrs. Williams sold clothing materials and she was the go to store for authentic materials, she had something for different classes of people, especially for people that wanted Aso-Ebi, she had been featured countless times on Bella Naija and the rest.

Grandma was in her room watching October 1st by Kunle Afolayan, her best Yoruba actor. It was the tenth time she was watching it. Sewa wondered how she usually did it because the highest she could watch a movie was twice. She loved suspense in movies and once she already did the first time, the suspense is lost.

“Grandma, I’m home.”

“Ka’abo hope work wasn’t very stressful.”

“No ma. I decided to close earlier to come home to rest since I’m starting Chemotherapy tomorrow.”

Grandma held her hand and touched Sewa’s face. “You’ll be fine. Omo Akin o kin Sojo. You’re a survivor. I read about this cancer and I heard it is commoner among people aged 40years and above but I guess yours was an exception but you’ll come out of it strong. This was what took your mother’s mum from us but it wouldn’t take you. We’ll fight it to the end.”

“Thank you Grandma.” They watched the movie together until she fell asleep.

Segun’s call woke her from her sleep.

“Orente, how have you been?”

“I am doing fantastic. How’s work going?”

“Very well but stressful.” They talked about everything and she told him about the mysterious call. Segun apologized but she felt they needed a break from each other.

“Wassup with treatment. I know you don’t want to talk about it but please feel free to tell me anything.

“Ohh, everything is fine.”

Segun was worried and it was obvious in his voice.

“We both know everything is not fine.” He snapped at her.

“Ok, since you want to know. When you ran off the first time, I had a mastectomy and they found out that the cancer had spread to some lymph nodes, so I’m starting Chemotherapy tomorrow.” She yelled.

The line went silent.

To be continued…

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