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Previously on The Pink Diary

Four days after the chemotherapy, her hair began to itch and she decided to have a warm shower from head to toe. As she washed her long black hair and let the water take away the shampoo foam, her hair began to fall. She looked at the pieces of her mane as they surrounded her feet. That was the beginning of it all.

As she went through her chemo treatment, she became depressed. Her family did all they could to support her in every way. She had asked God all the questions there was to ask. The Why questions; Why now, just before her wedding? Six months down the line, no introduction  not to talk of wedding. Why at the peak of her career? Why her? Why did the cancer have to metastasize to her lymph nodes? Why didn’t the cancer stay in only her breast so that mastectomy would have ended it all?

One afternoon, Toro went to disturb her in her room and tried to cheer her up telling her not to be depressed.

“You shouldn’t let all this bring you down, you’re stronger than it all. You’re a conqueror. You will not die but live. I don’t want to see you like this. It makes me sad.” Toro said as she almost broke into tears.

“Depression is not a side-effect of cancer, it’s a side-effect of dying. Can’t you see how my life has changed. All I do now is doctor’s appointments and drugs.”

Her last call with Segun had ended with, “Sewa, don’t worry about me. I want to be assured you’re going to be okay for me. I’ll be back by weekend. You’re not dying, you’ve just got a touch of cancer.”

She had thought he would break his promise to her. She has been wowed by how determined he has been through it all.
Segun’s family had a family meeting and his father supported his decision, so also everyone that was present there. His aunt had no choice but to give in. They all wanted Segun to be happy, he had been there for everyone and this one time he needs their total support.

“We would have it in two weeks because she ended her chemo yesterday.

She looked ravishing in her A-line wedding gown, she had designed it and sewn it but had to adjust it because of her new size, she had lost some obvious weight. Her hair stylist, Ms. Funke did a flawless make up and styled her weave. She was so beautiful that as she walked down the aisle, a tear drop rolled down on Segun’s check as he admired his strong and beautiful wife to be. The church was well decorated in the colour of the day, yellow and blue. She was very happy as she saw the standing ovation accorded her. She really is a survivor.

As she got to the front of the church, her father handed her over to Segun. The service began.

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God- and in the face of everyone here- to join together this man and woman in holy matrimony, which is  commended to be honourable among all men; and therefore- is not by any- to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly- but reverently, discretely, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined together- let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”
The silence was deafening. The wedding progressed and they exchanged their vows.
“You know me so well and you still manage to love me. There is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I’m the one who gets to marry you. I promise to love you recklessly.”

The reception venue decoration was indescribably beautiful. It had never been done; Bella Naija has never posted anything close. It felt like heaven. Food was more than enough, gifts were overflowing and there was nothing missing. Sewa and Segun had their first dance to All of me. The DJ was one of a kind.

On their way to the airport to catch their flight to Paris. Sewa started gasping for air.

To be continued…

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