The Pink Diary. Episode 10


Previously on The Pink Diary.

After several days of staying in the hospital and several investigation. They found out the cancer had metastasized to other part of Sewa’s body. She got tired very easily but extremely hopefully. Cancer had nothing on her. Her survivor story was going to be complete.

Segun love for her skyrocketed and got to an all-time peak. He came to visit her in the hospital every day from work.

Nurse Tayo had been very helpful to the couple. She took extra interest in Sewa’s health, and whenever Segun couldn’t reach Sewa, Nurse Tayo would help check up on her.

As she took her Chemo one Wednesday afternoon, she was thankful for all she had. A beautiful family that loved her beyond measure. Her husband. Segun. She remembered how they had met.
She was bored one Sunday afternoon and decided to go watch a stage play at Terra Kulture. As she got to the entrance of Terra Kulture, rain started to pour and she hastened her steps until she found herself under an umbrella. Segun had turned back as he was about to enter the theatre and ran to meet Sewa. 

The only thing he didn’t do to get her contact was lick the sole of her multicolored Zimmermann platform sandals. He was a pest to her during the play. He finally got it. It was difficult getting Sewa to open up to him at first but as the days went by, she warmed up to him. He had always wanted to see her again. They had an agreement. Sewa made the rule. “After this visit, nothing will join us together again, you’ll delete my contact.”

They both agreed.

The ride to Omu resort took about four hours. During the ride, they talked about anything and everything. It definitely wasn’t going to be a one off thing and it was obvious as the rules started to change.

“I love this place. Have you been to Whispering Palms?” Sewa asked excited.
“I’ve heard about it but I’ve not been there.” 
“We should go there.”

“I thought after this , we are never going to keep in touch.” Segun inquired.
She looked at him with a smirk on her face and then smiled, that was how their love story began.

As their relationship blossomed, Segun helped to increase her clientele. He had a female friend, Omowunmi, come to patronize Divas Lounge.

“I want to sew some clothes for my friend’s surprise birthday. She is about your size and I want your favorite designs on all three materials.”

“Alright. You wouldn’t be disappointed.”
Her family members and staff knew about it except her.

On the day of the proposal, her staff had ensured she was upstairs in the showroom and had told Amaka to inform them of her movements and try her best to keep her in her office. Omowunmi then came to pick the cloth and asked Sewa to size the best of them. She excused her and her parents, staff, Toro and Segun were all waiting for her to come out of the dressing room.

She came out and Segun immediately went down on one knee. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

It was almost 12am Saturday evening. Segun and Sewa had a very interesting day in the hospital, Nurse Tayo came to spend time with them once in a while. It was a romantic Saturday. It was their second month wedding anniversary. Although a lot of things were not going the way they thought, they were grateful for life and the marked recovery Sewa had experienced. She was lively and happier.

“Segun, it’s time to go home, it’s almost 12am.”

“You know I don’t like leaving your side baby.”
“Ok. Go and come back very early tomorrow. Bring food too. I want fruits.”

“Alright darling. See you in the morning.”

They hugged and kissed deeply with Segun stroking her back softly. He bade Nurse Tayo goodnight and told her he was going to be back by 6am.

Segun woke up by 5am. He barely slept through the night as he kept thinking about Sewa. He was grateful she was improving, all the prayers and medications are finally yielding results. Surely, with God all things are possible.

He came out of the bathroom with his towel tied to him waist and water dripping on his body. His six packs were gradually disappearing. As he applied the cream on his body, his phone rang.

It was Nurse Tayo.

Tunde knocked and entered Segun’s room. He tried to stay up late to know from Segun how Sewa was responding but his body failed him, he had spent a greater part of the night on the road, thanks to Lagos traffic.

As he opened the door, he saw Segun on the phone as tears rolled freely from his eyes.

The end.

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Thank you for your support, encouragement and love. *kisses* 😀

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