How Love & I Met.

Hello everyone, I’m grateful to God for yet another opportunity to post this beautiful morning. Today, I’ll be sharing how love met me where I was.

Where do I start…

Did I hear you say from the beginning? 🙂

Love has been something that had repeatedly echoed in my heart for quite a while now, I was guest writer on Kelia’s blog and was asked to write on my definition of Love, I had to think but since we all know God is love and as humans, whenever we think of love, we think about man and woman, I wrote blending the two in the post. It made me realise perhaps I didn’t understand what love was.

Scroll down June/July 2015…

I lost my aunt and at her Night of Tribute , people shared and shared about her, she indeed lived a purposeful life, I can say she delivered on all God delegated to her.

Someone’s tribute shone light in my heart, “Looking at our sister’s life and all the people that have shared about her, we can say sister loved, whether old, young, rich or poor. What she can do for you now she doesn’t postpone till tomorrow. Even if you thought you were smart and taking advantage of her, she still went ahead to do good to all.” At the end of night of tribute, I concluded she was Love personified and her life helped me understand the definition of love.

Few weeks later, I was in church and the title of the message was The Prodigality of God’s Love, the message of love, left me in tears, it was a simple but yet powerful message. OMG! I learnt a great deal. I must say these two experiences have helped me make some life changing decisions.

Few days later, a gisting session ended with me talking about love to my friends and how I started opening bible verses about how it was the most important feature we must possess on earth, with love the world wouldn’t be as directionless. I ended the discussion saying, “I think we are God’s love messengers on earth. Sharing the love he has spread abroad in our heart, one person at a time, depending on the people in your circle of influence.”

Fast forward few months later, I was invited to another church, I was very reluctant but I decided to go. I got to church and lo and behold, title of message was Love! Love is following me everywhere I turned. Lol The spirit of God is truly one!

As the speaker kept talking, I just kept nodding, that like you get it moment! Love is an encounter and now I understand when they say if you don’t know or have Christ, you can’t love, sweetie, you can’t form Love, it’s a stream flowing from the love you receive from Christ.

A scenario came to my head that made me decide I was going to share this here. At the end of the service, I felt like I’ve been missing in action that I didn’t realise such a church existed and I wondered how that was my first time and how the message was powerful! Some of my friends and classmates  had being members of this church for a long time and they never mentioned it to me! How? Why!?

I likened it to the gospel of Christ, his love and grace that we enjoy every microsecond of the day, that we don’t share with others. We enjoy alone, how selfish of us as believers! The love of God is so liberating and each of us that are privileged to receive it must share this message because we are God’s Love Messengers on earth, one person at a time.
Let your light so shine before men so they will ask or you can share of this indescribable love he has for man that He died for me and you.

Three things will last forever-faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love.

My prayer each day now is to be filled with so much love for everyone, it’s a huge task but I trust the love of God in me. 🙂

Have you had the Love encounter yet?
What is your love story?
If you haven’t, Jesus is calling you, answer his call today, tomorrow is indeed not assured! Xoxo

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  1. Well done ma.
    Thank you so much for this lucid article on a theme so much talked-about, so shallowly understood, yet simpler than ABC.
    God bless you real good.

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