Why Do I Write?


Hope you read the news?

I started writing years ago after I lost someone dear to me. I remember the higher education book I bought, I used it as some sort of journal, I wrote all my thoughts that became articles or poems in it, I wrote about all that made me sad, or put a smile on my face. I wrote in it of every heart break I had to suffer, the crushing of me and the rising of me. With each letter, I healed. Writing gave me strength when I felt I could no longer continue, it was there for me in my lowest, it was my comforter. It gave me courage and made me see the strength I possess. Writing helped me reached people I couldn’t speak with and gave me a connection with them. The other part of my introverted self wants to express itself so much!
The journal marked the beginning of a journey although I didn’t know how long it was going to be with me. Today, my pen still bleeds because the letters still gives me strength, comfort, hope, courage and happiness!

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  1. Even the things you thought would break you made you stronger. ……..and shortly after the darkest comes the bright morning…….then you realise that you are better add it all happened for a hidden good…….I can relate. the birth of perryztots weldone maam keep succeeding.

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