Hello people, it’s almost midnight and I just realized I’ve not posted today. It was my friend’s wedding and a drama filled day for me.

It was so much fun and it made me think of changing my mind on my strictly by IV wedding.
It made me think about the day everyone would give me a standing ovation while I’m in my white gown.
It made me think of the planning I’ll have to do, how I’ll find out for myself what couples usually think or feel on their wedding day.
It made me think of the responsibility ahead. Made me ask myself when I’ll be ready to say yes.

What does wedding do to you?

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  1. It makes me dream perry..dream in so many dimension…for e.g,I dream of my own day, how 9cer my own wedding gown will look,how the colour of my decor will be better esp if the colour used that day is not I wouldn’t want fights concerning food issues on own day like it is in most I would want a cuter me u don’t want me to continue..its endless! I also think of business too..but won’t talk about,basically, it makes me dream.. @gbog..#pele# #smiles#

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