It's Okay To Say No!

Hello dear readers, today I reinforced the fact that it’s ok to say NO.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had opportunities to be part of different groups or partner with people on different projects I was really interested in, but I had to turn such down because it wasn’t the right time even though it was something I really wanted.

I learnt saying no the hard way after thinking I could make somethings happen for a group but because school is top priority at the moment, I couldn’t. It made me feel bad. I then thought I should have said no. After that experience, I began to accept the fact that NO wasn’t a bad word if used properly.

Have you ever said No and felt bad afterward?

What did you do not to feel so bad about your decision?

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  1. I feel u perry..I believe the feeling depends on whom/the kind of suitation that u said no to..if it were someone that mattersto u that u said it to or a suitaion/thing u dreamed of or always wished for,the feeling afterwards saying No is not usually 9ce on the heart but to answer to answer ur question, eventually that bad feeling dies bkus whom/why u said no,was d right thing to do..#my opinion#

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