My Earliest Memory.

Hey Fellas, it’s another day to post on my 30 Day blogging challenge in the month of November.

Thinking about this topic, my mind went straight to my parents and I, can’t remember how old I was but I think I had a sibling then because I’m the first of four children. I remember my parents sending me over to our family friend’s house to stay for a while and I remember I ended up living there for a while. I remember I enjoyed it but only wanted to return home when things weren’t fine.
I had the privilege of visiting the family recently and the family ended up relaying how I was when I was younger.

I hated school, I cried every morning before going to school. I remember a particular day I was dragged to school from home crying. I think I like school now.

I didn’t like food, my favorite food was Bournvita and milk. I still have a terrible feeding habit and I can consume a tin of Peak milk and Bournvita in a week!

I remember having imaginary friends, I was never bored. I cooked up events and built houses with the throw pillows of the cushion chairs.

I fought my mum every Sunday morning over what to wear to church. Fashion madam.

My mum can cook anything. I think she even created her own menu.

I travelled to my home town a lot! I’m from Oyo state and I come from the town with the highest number of twins in the world!

I ask a lot of questions, I still do. I remember my dad saying when I was younger I asked a lot of questions and Infact, I asked him a question that made him think about his life and it helped him make better decisions.

I think I’ve written enough, until tomorrow. Xoxo

What are your earliest childhood memories? Please share, I want to read from you too. 😀

PS: I wish I had my baby pictures on my phone, would have shared.

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