Ba'ami Part 2

I intentionally didn’t want to post today but I couldn’t, I want to write about Ba’ami


My Ba’ami

You’re so hardworking yet so soft.
You have no secret nor harbor hatred against any.
My Bushman.
My shoulder to lean on in need.
My listener, I could say “Wait let me finish before you talk.” only because you’re my friend.

We’ve been through thick and thin
We’ve been to hell and back!
Our best days are before us
Our best days are before us…
My nutritionist
My Diva meter
My Strength, my force
My psychotherapist
My business partner
My prayer warrior.

Our cat and rat fights are the best
I love when you say, “I’m sorry” or “Mo sorry”
You make me sad, yet in it there’s happiness.
You’ve shown love the way you know
African man method.. lol
So long to those ancient days
Now, we glide with the tides.
Through the bad, in you I find solace.
Solace. Peace. Amity.

Thanks for reading today, 30 Days Blogging Challenge continues tomorrow.

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