Day 1: Alagbada David

Happy new month Fam, and the series begins…

Thanks Perry for allowing me do this.

This year has been one of phenomenal lessons and varying experiences. In all I’m profoundly grateful to God for step ups and step throughs.

Professionally I experienced certain swings, periods of serious uncertainty and then periods of real blessings. Ultimately though, I’d say it appeared like things I had fought really hard to get in the past, came easier and in ways that I wasn’t expecting.

It’s been a lifetime wish for me to found my company but it just wasn’t happening as there had been too many challenges stopping me. This year I achieved that-at least I started anyways. I think I also got more comfortable in my own skin and in the place I am at. I learnt that a whole lot can change in the space of a year, and as humans, we can only see so far. It was reiterated to me clearly that God still plays the ultimate role in the affairs of men and he cannot be limited by our sight or by our heads.

One thing though that I am not happy about is that I feel as if as the year wore on, I got more self-absorbed with work and my connection with God waned somewhat. As I approach 2016, I want to feel his presence closer than ever before.

I am grateful that despite the health scares that I got at certain points and my sister and her friends putting the fear of God in me as regards my health, that God still is in control of that area.

This year we had to take the news that a very dear aunt passed away. She was just a lovey person, always willing to help out, always bearing a good word for everyone. Just thinking about it now even as I type this, and I still feel like shedding tears. I remember she was by my side in the hospital last year when I had to go through surgery. I know she is in a better place now. She’s got to be.

I am happy I was also able to revisit Igbobi to give something back. I had wanted to do this since last year when I had surgery there but it just kept getting pended.  So this year for my birthday I had my mum and some friends go back in there to share some gifts and good words. It yet again was a humbling experience for us all, we came out grateful for life and health.  I particularly connected with this guy who’d been in and out of hospital for 4 years, with 4 surgeries in between those spells. His life is totally pending because of his health issues, so much so that he cannot even finish his bachelors. I was amazed to hear that he was just standing in front of his house when a crazy driver rammed him into the wall. God help us all!

I had wanted to commence my masters this year, but unfortunately I couldn’t follow up with the initial admission I had because of work. Next year surely by his grace, I am commencing that MSC.

On a more personal note, my mum is always on my case to get someone serious, and frankly it’s time as I can no longer pose as an undergrad as  they say I look too old*smiles*  So God please bring the Mrs. from wherever she is relaxing, let’s do this *winks*
2016. Can’t wait. There are lots of grounds to cover and achievements to be recorded. I know Gods spirit will guide me, and indeed y’all my friends and family. He’ll fulfill the desires of our hearts in these few days of 2015 and certainly throughout 2016.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this; got me thinking bout my own year. Sorry for your loss tho.. and God bless you and your growing company!

  2. Aaaah Pero should have put contact info… Just in case the Mrs wants to quit relaxing in wherever and say ‘hello’.

    I enjoyed reading this! I love the part where you went to give back to Igbobi.

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