Day 3: Akangbe Tobi M.D

The year 2015!!!!

It’s a year I will always remember and sigh after doing so. The year started off on a great note with all the fireworks and excitement that accompanies the ushering  in of a new year. It was a year I expected to complete one of my most anticipated projects. The unique thing about the year is that it put most of my philosophies and beliefs to test especially the ones I really profess and preach.

It  was the year  in which I anticipated becoming a doctor  before the end of the first quarter. But then the exams were delayed for various factors and we eventually had it just after the first quarter of the year. I was confident of the outcome being positive until the shocking result was released in which I had to rewrite one of the papers, but I found this strength from within which I couldn’t explain, it was to the extent that I was consoling people in similar predicament as I was. By the second day, I dusted my books and thought I would began reading but I got mentally demoralized as most of the stuffs looked familiar and so I dropped the books and couldn’t read for the exam until there were four days to the resit exams.
The highlight for me was the struggle to make up procedures for the exam qualification as required by the Faculty. It was so bad that I and a friend usually woke up to get to school by 5am in the morning so we can be first in the queue to see patients to make up procedures. Several times, we actually went in the rain and got drenched and dried. The wait seemed endless but eventually the time came, we wrote the exams and to the glory of God, I passed and it’s good to say I’m a doctor now. It was a hectic process but all through I learnt so much and I can simply say I AM ENTIRELY GRATEFUL FOR THE PROCESS.

Yeah, I learnt so much. In practical terms, I learned how to be responsible for other people regardless of my own predicament,  but the most important thing I gained from the occurrence was the experiential knowledge of the fact that GOD MAKES EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE THING BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME. With the way it went and the way I got employed and started housemanship, I saw the hand of God in every single phase. Believe me, the process wasn’t funny but looking back, I don’t wish it went any better (yes, I said so). So an advice to you my dear reader is that you trust Him completely after you’ve done your part though.

Speaking about putting my philosophies to test, I have always professed and taught how to remain thankful and full of joy regardless of what the circumstances were but then this unexpected event happened to me, it was the first time I saw an ‘F’ linked to my name and to think that my overall score in the exam was actually 59 but I still had to rewrite it was so painful but so I don’t be a Pharisee to myself, I had to learn how to generate an internal revenue of joy. It was by focusing on the positive side of things because it really could have been worse.
In all, God knows I am very grateful for the experience.


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