Day 6: Ayomide Abiola

Ayomide Abiola aka Saga, thinking of an intro but all I could do was smile… God placed some people on earth to just make us smile even in the worst situations. I present Saga the clown… 😀
Well 2015 has been quite an eventful year with different milestones I must say but let me just summarize them as follows:

The good

*Lived to see the new year: Well because if I hadn’t, there wouldn’t be a need for this post on the first place.

*Finally got into my first relationship: Ehn! My first, na so we see am. Next!

*I grew: Chronologically, mentally, emotionally. Still working on the physical part. Fingers crossed for 2016. Lol

*I became a licensed doc: Oh yes! After exactly 6 years and 11 months in med school, yours truly finally got the right to be called Dr…

*Started internship: If there’s one thing that this country has taught us, it’s that it’s one thing to graduate and another to find a job. So in addition to becoming a doctor, I was also able to immediately start work as a medical intern/house officer.

*Family and friends: For all the special people around me, I’m really thankful that they all made it through the year in good health.

The bad

*Failed for the first time in med school during my final exams: Not that I’m a brainee but the only pride med school left me with was that I had never had to rewrite any exam more than once, until this year that is. Wasn’t too fazed though because I knew it was only because I didn’t prepare well enough although it was an equally trying period nonetheless. But thank God that the story ended well anyway.
That was as bad as my year was though, thankfully. ߘÊ

The ugly

*I’m back in the market: Well for some unfortunate reasons, I’ve found myself single again, sadly. The search continues I guess…

     Like the Yorubas say, if we are to mention all the ways God has been good to us, it’ll take days and nights. But all in all, I’m glad for 2015 so far and looking forward to a better 2016. ✌

Dreams for 2016? They’re quite many but money is on top of the list. Not just to earn money but to make money because Money is Key! Adding some flesh is also on the list but that would be more of a miracle than a plan. Lol. Also hope to meet a lot more awesome peeps, read more books, learn new skills and try new things. These days are precious and should therefore not be wasted.

  Hope to see you all next year. Ciao!

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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots. 😀

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  1. Lol. Saga.

    Your year was cool o, growing physically might assist in adding flesh you know.?! Lol.

    #Vision2016 is cool. The country ain’t smiling tho. I feel you.

    Have a blast 2016 man…

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