Day 7: Funkydee

Hi Guys,

WOW!!! I think this year was really FAST.

Emphasis on FAST!!! I remembered saying; Happy New Year like2 seconds ago (LOL, Maybe not) but to be honest, it went so fast though.

Thinking back about this year I can only say I am grateful to God. He indeed makes all things beautiful in his time. I had so many moments both good and bad but for the Lord who was on my side and of course my friends and my family.

January 1st  came and I remember being alone in block 4, I think I was alone on the floor, all my friends had gone home I was alone staring into space and watching the fireworks(Let us assume it was fireworks.LOL). I was excited about the year because I heard in my spirit what my year was going to be like so I slept peacefully like a baby that morning and woke up early enough to make it for work.

I am not so much of a resolution person but I tried keeping one but trust me, it didn’t take long to forget. I decided to live each day as it came knowing fully well I had the backup of the heavenly Host.

February 23rd was one my favorite day of this Year. I love surprises and I had always wanted a surprise birthday party but I didn’t expect what I got this year. Like every other birthday, I had planned what my day was going to be like, until my friends and family came to disrupt everything. At that moment I was so furious, people who know me, know how much I love to plan and go according to plan. It eventually turned out well and I was pleasantly surprised. For all those who made it happen, if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU.

This year was a year of weddings for me, Geez!!! Like a lot of my friends and family members decided to get married this year. It was almost becoming a business for me, if only I was being paid to attend the weddings, I would have been a billionaire by now.  I am happy for all those who got married this year and I pray that God will bless your homes.

I also learnt a lot of medical terms this year thanks to those around me. When I’m with them I’m like what’s all these gibberish they are speaking. “Cut me some slack fam” but these days I just nod as though I understand but understand some guys (winks).

Fast forward to the rest of the year, like the planner that I am, I felt like I was in control, like I got this game, God kept showing me every time that man can only plan and that only his will alone can and will stand. He made me know that even though he had showed me what the year was going to be like doesn’t mean he won’t take me through storms but those storms were to make me stronger and stay firm in his will.

Lastly I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made my year what it has been like (Insert your name here). Thank you so much guys. I really do appreciate the gift of people (that’s one gift I really cannot deny).

As much as I would love to write more about my year, I’d have to stop here so Pero can invite me next time (Hehe).

PS; Make this coming year a year about you and God. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Thank you Pero for this opportunity. God bless you.

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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots 😀

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