Day 10: Fatunbi Adeola

Good morning gorgeous people of…this is Fatunbi Adeola. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to express my gratitude on this blog couldn’t meet up last year and I have been watching out for Perry to holla 31days31voices so I could just grab the best day..I actually chose 10th cos it’s the best number in my life and also my birth date.

  Finally I’ve got the chance to express God’s love towards me this year is the greatest year of my entire life. I got what I wanted after waiting for 5yrs although it hasn’t been easy but I’ve been strong in Gods hope. A lot of people walked out in my life just like that without thinking of how I’ll feel but I kept on praying that God should bring someone worth all the tears and he did. I thank God for my studies, he’s been faithful. I thank God for the journey of my life, I might not be where I want right now but I believe God is working and helping me be a better me,I love the woman I’m seeing already, thanks to the boo for helping out, he’s been a darling…aww *blushing*

   I’m thankful to God again because he’s taking me to another phase in life. I’m thankful for my family, especially Iya Deola, she the sweetest thing that has happened to me, so supportive even when I’m relenting she keeps my hope and faith stronger, I love u mom.

      I’m thankful for old friends, new friends too. I met some amazing girls earlier this year Nita merari and Ifelowo Elsa. I love you girls to pieces also the 209 squad, I’m grateful I spent the year with you girls, God’s work too!

  Also there is Damilare Daniels, sometimes I  wonder why didn’t I  just have him as a brother, he is the true meaning of friend, even more than a friend (not like that tho,lol) he never gets tired listening to me and my plenty complains about school and all…lol I could remember me complaining to him one day and he was just quiet and stopped to see if he was sleeping on me and he just started laughing..arrrggghhh i don’t know why you love me that much but i appreciate it and God will reward to beautifully.

    I’m looking forward to a better 2016. I have lots of plan that can’t wait to be achieved. I pray 2016 brings more smile than 2015 did.
Okay..I should stop talking already lol..thanks to Perry for giving me this shot, also to you guys for reading my plenty plenty talk, love you all.

I wish you all merry Christmas  and a wonderful new year in advance…

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