Day 11: Kuku

Hello , my name is Kuku Adenike Risikat (Kuku 101) , I’ll like to thank Perryztot for giving me the opportunity to share my 2015 experience.

Initially I was reluctant to share anything because I felt nothing special happened in this year , but after a while I thought to myself, there should be something special in the year.


January started on a gloomy note for me and my family because we lost a relative on December 14th 2014, he was my favorite uncle (RIP uncle samson ). From January through to April, I lost a lot of weight and i was eating well, I wasn’t sick and I  could not explain my loss of weight but thank God I bounced back .

This year I was, opportune to meet a lot of amazing people that really made great impact in my life. I was able to rekindle my relationship with some old friends which was wonderful because distance really affected most of my relationship, also I was involved in a lot of sporting activities, I didn’t know that I still had it in me.

This year I decided to ditch my dreads and consider a new look , but my new look came as a shock to some people but I “bone” their side.

My turn up for the year was in August, why ? Because it was my birth month and the Lord added an extra year to my age, this year was extremely special because I didn’t know I was loved by a lot of people, it was overwhelming, my plan was no celebration but my beautiful friends wouldn’t have it so a surprise birthday was planned for me and I enjoyed myself to the fullest.

September, I travelled for the annual Ojude-Oba festival, it was meant to be fun but unfortunately for me I decided to be generous, so I gave my phone out to the rightful owners ( stolen ), so I was phoneless for a while, I was just offline which was not easy at all ( chai! what smartphone has done to me)  but I bounced back.

I’m grateful to God for sparing my life , November 11th, I was at Ojota BRT busstop in the morning, usually I don’t eat before going out because I’m always feeling nauseous due to the smell of petrol and the smoke from cars, but that particular morning I did “oju kokoro ” suddenly I felt this sudden sweat, then I became dizzy but I kept saying to myself that I must not fall down, people around me didn’t know that something was “up” with me because I was wearing my shades which blocked any expression from my face, slowing I found a place to sit and rest my head for a while, see Nigerian people they saw a fine looking girl resting her head on her laps in a strange environment (I sat on the railing ooo ), nobody stopped to help, they were just passing by like that oo (na wa oo ), 30/40 minute later a young lady and a guy were kind enough to get me a bottle of cold water and 7up to cool my system (THANK GOD !!!!).

I was able to discover some hidden talents which I promise to work on. A lot of revelations came my way this year, most of them was not to my liking but I found courage and strength in God.

I am expecting a lot in 2016, I can see a lot good things coming my way, and also I hope to stop the habit of procrastination and to improve on my new talent.


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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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  1. Lol. Kuku, Nigerians wouldn’t stop o. The country is not smiling. And you were on shades again? Lobatan!!! It’s rare to find good Samaritan’s, I’m guilty…

    Thank God for your year

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