Day 11: Ms Doris

Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside of us. No matter what is going on outside of us, there is always something we should be grateful for.

Just can’t stop giggling to myself right now. The year is almost over; I can remember vividly the chicken, salad and rice  of 25th December 2014, the cross over night, wow!

Sometimes, I wonder  the reason I am usually happy; always smiling, easy going, feeling really special like the best thing that ever hit the world. I have come to realise one thing, that is appreciating every  second that turns into minutes, minutes into hour and hours into day, life, love, suspense, friends. I can write a book about my sweet roomy; her voice on most incourse mornings; ‘’Doris are you sure you have your pencil, eraser and razor blade’’, so sweet and adorable right? ‘Smiles’.

I can remember completing my project earlier this year with the help of my amazing friends, of course they know themselves, the truth is I really do love and appreciate you all (hugs and pecks). I remember completing the books ( Memoirs of Hillary Rhodam Clinton, Mitchell Obama and Condolizza Rice) of the people I really do admire before resumption. Common, I know you might have finished a thousand books but hey! This to me is something great. Having completed my TOEFL classes and participated a bit in voice training classes before resumption is also something to be grateful for. Postings have been interesting, tiring at times, one more posting to go and we would all be DOCTORS. Wow, how time flies!

Indeed, I will miss the members of the ROYAL XV clan, my ‘’Kings and Queens’’; the beautiful moments together ( Pakoto, Sea- school, Royal rumble stuff, Staff school football field, Royal XV symposium). It feels really sweet to have dined with you all, for a truth you guys are indubitably the best! I will also miss the drama between OPH girls and rats, the queues at the bathrooms every morning, everly hot compssa plaza.

My hopes and aspirations for 2016:  Beautiful, adventurous, successful, and of course a HAPPY 2016!

How could I have forgotten Perry Tots… Thanks for featuring me.

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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots. 😀

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