Day 13: Pintos

Hi everyone, my name is Pintos Egesimba (no I’m not a foreigner, I am a true  blooded Nigerian) and I am a lady. I would first  like to thank Pero and also Cassie who told Pero about my desire to contribute to this series.

Before I go into how my 2015 has been so far and what I look forward to in 2016, I wanna say happy birthday to my soul mate, “my Coco Cupcake” David Obasi, who is a year older today. Love you baby.

OK, I am back from my trip to Puppy love Island.

Hmm, my 2015 was a year where almost everything that can happen in a young lady’s life happened;The good, the bad and the freakishly awesome.

The year started with the most important celebration of the year, My birthday yep January 1st, people !!!! and ooh there was another minor celebration that day, think it is called New year or something like that.

I also just entered final year class,The YBC, Royals XV, finally. I was still battling with my 500 level project and I was on the edge of frustration but luckily I am done now. I really really don’t like Community health.

This year was a year of self discovery for me. A lot of things happened that made me reinvent myself and grow in several areas, how I interact with people changed for the better. I went to new places, tried new foods and made new friends whom I hope will be friends for a lifetime.

The bad was basically the subclinical brokeness that I had, but my account is slowly moving out of the red……then the death of of an esteemed senior colleague dear to all medical students hearts.

Now for the awesome, sorry, I mean freakishly awesome, first I have to say, I love my room mate, Doris, she has made this year wonderful with the fun and the laughs we shared ( quick a ton of laughs actually) and my best friend Cynthia, all the drama was like a breath of fresh air, its always good to shake things up and cause a bit of mischief.

Well, the most amazing thing that happened all year was me meeting my love, we met under funny circumstances and we fell in love, and i mean fairy tale, every cliché romantic movie u can think of kind of love, that is what we have.

We had our YBC activities and I absolutely enjoyed the trip to Omu resort, the rides, the excitement and  the screams of terror from both girls and men( and I mean men). And then the symposium was super amazing and we all looked beautiful. Then my send forth at church( I am Catholic) was amazing and touching.  And basically learning new things about medical school and how to be a doctor was cool.

That’s basically my 2015 so far and in 2016, I hope for good health for me, my love, my friends and family. My dream is to graduate at one sitting my finals and be a bonafide medical doctor and to live life happy, free and in God’s presence.

Thank you all for the time you took to read through all this.

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  1. Happy birthday to David! “The guy tickling my roommate’s fantasy”..
    Wishing you nothing else but the best in life..
    To Pintos, love you plenty!!!!!!

  2. Lol. Nice. I loved d post.

    Everyone is just meeting their love.

    Dnt mind me. I’ve started reading from day 15 and everyone is just meeting their love and loving their lover seriously…


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