Day 16: Olisa Ezegwu M.D

One of the people I admire…

Year 2015 was indeed one to remember for a long time.

The year started with some form of disappointment because I hoped I would have had a Dr in front of my name by then but due to several “system failures” (strikes) it wasn’t so then but I also had a lot of enthusiasm too because I knew the year had a lot in store. To summarize the year seems impossible but I’d try.

The first major task for the years was to eventually get the Dr infront of my name and I have been preparing for years , so I had to put in more effort because I knew that what mattered most was the end of a thing than the beginning. Around this same period, I had to sort out another task which was to travel outside the country for a program. Getting through the process and still aiming for 4 distinctions (lol) in my exams was really the most mind tasking thing I did this year because time was quite limited.
Eventually I had to drop my travel plans because it coincided with my final exam dates. I felt so disappointed and was angry at the system but I had to pick up my self and conquer pros. Exams eventually came and it went well. Thank God.

While I was awaiting my final exam results I got a job offer and when the results were released, even though  I didn’t get the 4 Ds, I got one but most importantly I was the best graduating student, this was something I wrote down 3 years ago I wanted to achieve.
I thought that was all for the year but it wasn’t. Later in the year, I met a couple of friends who encouraged me to re apply for the program I dropped earlier in the year, at first I thought it was not possible since I was no longer a student but I reluctantly re-applied and was accepted again.

My trip reshaped my view of life and has positioned me for a fabulous 2016. This experience taught me two things:

Even though I felt disappointed and sad when I couldn’t go the first time, I’m sure God must have been smiling knowing that what he had planned for a later trip was far better
Secondly, I got to appreciate more the value in people, when I was discouraged and felt it was impossible to go again God was there for me in the form of people saying ” Olisa, you must ‘re apply and you must go”. Thank God I did.

While it might seem 2015 was rosy for me, I must state that it wasn’t. I had my own share of disappointments, fears and self doubt but through it all I’ve learnt to trust God to fulfill his promises even when it seems impossible.

The Vision for 2016 is huge already but faithful is he that has promised.

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