Day 18: Ifeoluwapo M.D

So I promised to get back to you in December. Well, this is it.

As at the end of June, my major objectives for the year were nowhere in sight. But I remember saying in my Half Time Story that I was on track. You can read it here. Well, 2015 is almost at an end and I can now say that most of my objectives have been largely achieved.


I’m grateful for many things. However, some things stand out more than the rest and I’ll share them with you. They may not make sense to you anyways.

I’m particularly thankful for that day I chose to go to work when otherwise I had every reason not to go. That day marked the most important discovery of my life.

I’m also thankful for Hafeez Oluwa’s ‘The Insomniacs’ play. Though I got there quite late, it was enough time to set in motion one of the most important events of this year.

I’m grateful for the child I saw playing in the dust. Watching the little boy taught me the value of exposure and I was able to make a vital, perhaps life changing decision from that experience.

Finally, I’m thankful for the people who took a bet on me, while I was still untested and unsure. Without those people, my innate abilities might have remained… innate.

Coming to lessons, there were two major lessons I learnt this year:

The first is that God never fails. It is the age-long lesson of trusting in God, the value of exercising patience and the importance of having the goal (or promise) in your sights every day i.e. constantly reminding yourself of what you set out to accomplish.

I also learnt that strategy is a different ball game from execution. I realized that if I was going to be successful in anything, I needed to quickly embrace the reality that execution rarely goes as planned, is almost never smooth and is, in fact, always messy.

That realization alone will help you stay on course even as things start going in a direction other than you planned. It helps you stay flexible.

In summary, my 2015 was a sloppy start with an unsure middle and a thankful finish. I hope you were inspired one way or another.

See you in 2016.

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