Day 18: Mrs Ayomide Ayoola Omotoso

When I was at the crossover to year 2015, we were told to pray that year 2015 will be our year, I  really didn’t know what that meant until now, because truly year 2015 is indeed my year. I am thankful for the gift of life, because a lot could have happened but if one is not alive how will one be thankful for them, I am thankful that in my unworthiness God found me worthy to receive grace, because only someone with the grace of God would have been able to achieve all I did this year.

I graduated as a holder of banking and finance after five years in school and anybody who attended EKSU will understand how truly thankful one would be to graduate from there, school itself was stressful and then my project was something else, but with God I  came, I saw and I conquered.

I am thankful that I met the love of my life and got married to him, this year I moved from miss to mrs and my wedding was a huge success. I am thankful for the life of my husband, I couldn’t have wished for a better husband, he is everything and so much more. I am thankful for my family, my dad, mum and my sisters, I dont know where I would be without them, they give me strength, hope, and courage, they will forever mean the world to me and I am thankful that God has kept them through all the ups and downs of this year and the family is still standing strong as ever. I am thankful for friends who stood by me this year, they have really been wonderful, Shola, Iyanu, Ayobami, Iwa, Fehin, Dammy, Tola, Odunayo, Ruth, Wumi and so many more you should know I love u all so much and my 2015 would not have been complete without you all. I am thankful for the things that are yet to happen, because this year is not over yet and i know the promises of God will still be fulfilled before the year runs out.

The challenges I encountered  this year was my project for one, my supervisor really gave me a tough time, I was really frustrated and I almost lost hope but the grace of God saw me through it, my wedding preparations also posed a bit of a challenge as most weddings would but thanks to family it came out as best as it could be, it got to a point where I was wondering if i could really go on and with the strength of my family and husband I did.

I had so many good memories this year, my birthday, my introduction, my bridal shower, my wedding, the day I finally wrote my last paper as an undergradute, the day I submitted my project and so much more all this were made wonderful with the presence of family and friends to share it with. Like every human there are also bad times, where u feel alone and scared but I refuse to relish on them because they have been conquered by the grace of God.

My hopes and dreams is to be the best wife and caring mother i can be, to build a good christian family filled with the love of God and to be the best daughter and sister i can be as well as a great friend and neighbour to those around me.

This year i learnt that no matter what it might seem like, no matter what it is you are going through if you have Jesus you will definately overcome it, this year i have learnt to have faith, i have learnt to trust in God and to believe that he has better plans for me, i have learnt never to belittle myself or see myself as unworthy, i have learnt never to live my life in other peoples shoes because we all have different races to run, i have learnt how to love wholeheartedly, i have learnt that whatever it is you want to be, you should be a good one, i have learnt never to judge myself against the actions of others because you do not know the secrets they are hiding too. I have learnt that i still have so much more to learn.

I am also thankful for the opportunity that perrtztot has given me to be able to share with the world how marvelous the lord has been to me this year.

Thank you Perryztot, greater heights…..

PS: I didn’t know if I would have put to bed before my article would be posted but as God would have it here I am. Giving birth I can say is the highlight for me in 2015 I give God all the glory for the successful delivery, my baby is doing great and I am great also. God has given me this bundle of joy for a reason and for a purpose, by the grace of God those purpose would be achieved, and I give kudos to all mothers out there, being a mother is not easy, that i have learnt. 2015 has been wonderful I pray 2016 will be exceptional.

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