Day 19: Dabiri Idowu

The smile that lit up my face when I saw Mz Perry’s message asking me to be part of 31days again (read from 2013 & 2014 ) this year was unbelievable. Just between the two of us, I usually think, “maybe she will get tired of my ‘voice’ and not ask me to ‘speak’ this year” but till then I am enjoying every moment I have the opportunity to.

I never knew how much I loved writing until this moment. I love writing! I love writing!! I love writing!!! I am still not sure of what I am going to write about this year. Infact, I am still lost as to how this year went by so fast? It actually feels like after ‘Happy New Year’ was shouted, January, February and March went by and then I blinked and here I am at the end of November.

I cannot really say if I was better, worse or the same as previous years. Was I just the same person in new clothes or had the person in me evolved? I decided to read my articles from previous years and I realized that there are many things I am thankful for. I think it is a good idea to write achievements and challenges of a year and aspirations for the new year. It doesn’t have to be published but it will be a guide in measuring progress.

This year was yet another year of learning lessons. These lessons were challenges and achievements at the two ends of the spectrum. I learnt that most times we limit ourselves. We become our own rate limiting steps. We are usually held down by ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’ or ‘what if they do not like it?’ that we do not even give things a try. We give excuses and tell ourselves reasons why something cannot happen or work. We try to take the place of GOD and claim we know the end from the beginning. As it is said, “we miss out 100% on the shots we do not take”. I took a couple of shots this year and I cannot remember anyone that came back unsuccessful. Incase there were unsuccessful ones, I have learnt how not to take those shots. So you see, it’s a win-win.

Talking about shots. I played football this year at our YBC sports day. My team came second. You do not need to know that there were only two teams, do you? I must really give it to boys (ok, men!) that run up and down the pitch for 90minutes. I can remember when they said the girls were going to play for only 10minutes, I was angry. In my mind I was shouting “Gender Equality! and telling myself that these boys just want to fulfill all righteousness and say they let us play but in actual fact, they cannot wait to have their pitch back”. After running up and down the pitch for 90seconds, I was begging for the final whistle. It was fun even though I was kicked real hard and my whole body hurt for days.

I became enemies with procrastination this year. I realized that it is a liar, thief and kill-joy; it tells you that you can be/do something in the future when you can actually be/do that thing now. I realized that work is stress-free and enjoyable when we do not do it under tension. The anti-procrastination life has been bringing great results. We however need to make a distinction between procrastination and planning as we ‘travel down the road of success’. And Yes!!! I realized this year that ‘at times’ I am a perfectionist. I’m not fighting it. It is not bad. I have learnt and I’m still learning how to use it as a positive energy in projects – not being rigid but doing my best at all times.

This year, I experienced that there is nothing one cannot take to GOD in prayer. I have always had the head knowledge of it but this year, it became so real to me. From talking to GOD about my family, finances, future etc, I got great results, really great results. I even spoke to HIM about this article. I said I loved writing some days ago when I started this article but I was stuck for a while. No matter how adept I think I am at certain things, I still cannot do anything without HIM. HE breathes life upon the works of my hands. I thank GOD for HIS presence in my family this year. HE has been faithful. I cannot even start mentioning the great things HE has done and is still doing. HE alone deserves all the praise. Parents are just so wonderful. At times I wonder if, after having a child, one is suddenly filled with the spirit of sacrificial living. Take a look at any Nigerian Parent and you would see some truth in what I have said. Our parents sacrifice so much for us; we should do our best not to let them down. We should not be too busy growing up that we forget that our parents are growing old. I love you dad. I love you mom. Kdabs, my love, you are the best brother in the world. I love you. May the LORD GOD continually be with us all.

I tried plenty things with my finances this year. There was a time, two of my friends and I came together and said we wanted to get into the habit of saving. We decided that each day we were not to spend more than a particular amount on recurrent expenses and we were accountable for one another. Some of our friends thought we were just being unnecessarily hard on ourselves. Even though I was able to save a little here and a little there, the major increase came when I invited GOD into my finances. We do not do the ‘daily regulation’ again but I am grateful we did it. You know that feeling when GOD blesses you and the works of your hands so much that your barns cannot contain. It’s priceless.

I was involved in a what-we-thought was a mini-project that surpassed our imagination. The #SaveAChemoKid fundraiser. The final year class of CMUL decided to raise money for children living with cancer and it was a huge success. We were able to beat our target by far and money still keeps coming in. And we know that, it had to be GOD.

I am going to stop here about my experiences in 2015. If I tell you everything for free, when my auto-biography comes out, you would not want to buy. So I’ll save some for my book.

Plenty blushes for the many people who think I am younger than my age especially the air host that asked me why I was travelling unaccompanied.

Plenty thanks to all the people both known and unknown who took their time out to do things for me, whether big or small they mean so much to me.

Plenty thanks to all my teachers who believe in me. Plenty thanks for the many opportunities I was given home and abroad especially at Military Hospital Ikoyi and with Dr O.

Plenty thanks to all my friends – the new ones and the old ones that stayed by me.

Plenty love to relatives that became closer this year especially ‘Big Mummy’.

Plenty thanks to my parents and brother for always being there. All thanks and Glory to GOD, the author and finisher of my faith.

2016 marks the beginning of another phase in my life. I trust the GOD that knows the end from the beginning and has the breath of life. In 2013, HE taught me to be grateful for each minute I’m alive; 2014, HE taught me how to live my best life each minute; 2015, HE is teaching me that with HIM directing my path that there is no limit. The future (2016 and beyond) is so bright and I am glad I have my JESUS in it to see me through. All I need do is trust and obey for my latter will be greater than my past.

When we walk with the Lord…

Trust and obey…

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a GOD-filled New Year. May we have a better Nigeria.

Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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  1. Nice one cousin Idown, well constructed write up, could read again and again. Learnt a lot from this short piece, will surely buy the book when it’s out(really hope it’s soon). Thumbs up Adepero.

  2. Vpee of life. Took me a month to read this, but I sha know that I won’t miss it before this year runs out. Seriously you need to sharpen this your writing skills until it becomes pukka, you’re good mehn! I was just flowing with you. Keep it up sister. Really proud of you when I was told you’re the protagonist of the #savechemokid project… God bless you dear. Indeed God is a great God & you’re a testimony to that truth. Love you dear. Bigger and Better in 2016 My dear Doctor Dabiri Idowu.

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