Day 20: Marvy

With my laptop powered on, I stared at my screen for close to 30 minutes hoping for some sort of divine inspiration although being interrupted occasionally with some good Medilag gist and ‘amebo’ *hehehe*.

“What do I say?” “Where do I start?” And so, it hit me. Like every good story teller would say “why not start from the beginning?”
Before I begin, for the benefit of you; the reader, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Marvelous! Yes, Marvelous Emma-nwachukwu. And ironically, I’m from that part of Nigeria where goods and items are termed ‘not-so-original’. Yes, Aba.

Secondly, I’d like to thank Perry’s Tots for giving me this opportunity (hopefully, one of many) to stop, reflect and give thanks on my previous 354 days or so and if anything, I’m grateful for this opportunity to share.

I’d like to tag 2015 the year of unexpected discoveries because apart from it being the most eventful, more than any other year I have been able to unlock new potentials and skills which quite frankly I thought I never had.

I started out 2015 with a plan of some sort to be well-grounded or at least start-off in 3 aspects namely public speaking, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Although, I’m still yet to get a hang on the third, I’d say I’ve made head way with the others.

And so, my journey to be proficient in public speaking led me to the doors of the orators’ club Medilag. To be honest, it has been an awesome experience so far and I’m grateful not only for the constructive criticisms but also for the lessons learnt particularly during my first speech titled ‘Made in Aba’ which I finally gave after some cajoling and one or two sleepless nights. Fast forward a few weeks later, I was called up by a close friend to give a presentation at a seminar which I nailed! (Obviously) and given the way this line-of-work goes, once an audience loves you, you’re most likely getting referrals for another presentation. I got a few which also went well and fortunately I was invited for a TV interview which hopefully I’d be doing before the year runs out! *fingers crossed*

Although having its ups and downs, philanthropy and selfless service has indeed brought me to the realization that what we do for ourselves alone dies with us but what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. From the free hepatitis B screening and vaccination for Medilag students organized by the New Dawn Foundation which I was an active part of to the Guinness world record event for breast cancer awareness #12KLLP. I’m truly grateful for being able to dedicate my time and skill towards those noble causes.

To love lost and those rekindled, friendships lost and those found and strengthened and to my ever-supportive family. You made my 2015 a whole lot more memorable.

Finally, to my ‘Oga at the Top’, I can’t thank Him enough for being ever-merciful, gracious, and kind even with my not-so-perfect attitude and my regularly irregular dialogue with him. He has always been there. Thank you, Jesus.

I could go on and on reminiscing, but to be honest, the story really never ends. It has been an amazing year indeed. In 2016, I hope to start the year with an awesome birthday (January 3, for those led by the spirit 😀 ) and also looking forward to a year filled with laughter, joy and all the other good stuff.

To you the reader and the Perry’s Tots family; I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and an untroubled New Year in advance.  

Season greetings from Perry’s Tots. 🙂

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  1. See my Marvy!!! (famzing)

    Your year sounds like fun…. I should improve my public speaking (do they help with phobia in that aspect).

    Your philanthropy has also been towards my blog. Thank you.

    Nice read! You write well!

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