Day 22: Folasade Olugbemi-Paul


It has been a full year. Full of ups and downs, full of love and laughter, and full of joy and tears.  I need to get my diary to do a full review. Here we go.

First up: I didn’t keep any of my resolutions for 2015. None. Dammy Fagbemi really tried to help me, but I ran away from her and I feel very ashamed. I realized I have zero self-discipline and I loathed myself for it. So now I have resolved to have a new resolution for 2016: No Resolution! I think I’ll do better just taking each day as it comes…no pressure. I hope realizing my shortcomings will help me have a better 2016.

Too many of my friends had troubled waters relationship-wise this year, and I ached for them. I hurt for them a lot. I tried to be strong but there were times I cried, because I was scared for them. The devil is seriously attacking families, and I think it’s really sad, especially when they are so used to pain they don’t even know a way out and they subconsciously think it’s supposed to be like that, supposed to hurt. I wish I could tell them the truth, but I tell God instead. Make my friends strong I pray.

I cried for my role models who tragically died. I cried because I never got to tell them how their lives affected me and how they made me a better person. Rest in Peace Dr Thomas and Aunt Rose. Aunt Rose stood by me even my own mother did not. She epitomized love. Dr Thomas represented the person I wanted to become career-wise. I always thought that if the tiny woman could become a surgeon, be very good at her job and still have such a dashing husband and kids, so can I. I really hope they’re both in a better place. _

There were times I felt so abandoned by my family I couldn’t even pray about it, times I felt so alone even in my spirit. Those times made me ask questions from my soul, and my emotions made me seek answers, so I grew and now I’m thankful for them. I now know I’ll never have to stand alone because I have God and I am His.

I’m especially thankful to God for all my friends who got engaged or married. I pray their lives are like fine wine…richer as they get older. I pray their love never sours, and I pray their friendships with their partners only grow stronger and more loving with time. I prophesy more Aso-Ebi’s in 2016 (Pero, Sike, Krystle, Dammy, Jane I’m talking to you all).
Speaking of awesome friends, Perry is the weirdest, but I sha like her like that. I’m not going to mention everyone else by name because God blessed me with too many of fantastic guys and I feel just blessed to know them all. I love every single one of my friends, especially for the invaluable advice.

Medical school is now so hectic I sometimes think I’ll need psychotherapy when I’m done. It’s insane juggling the hours, and classes, and ward rounds, and wicked patients with bad attitude, and snooty consultants, with marriage and a kid….all with a smile on your face, and no chip on your shoulder. Nobody should just annoy me in 2016 by asking me why I look stressed. I just might bite their head off! I mean, can Pros just come already?! I feel like my life is in limbo and I can’t think straight till I get that final exam out of the way. God help me to pass it straight up, no re-sits, and I’ll testify. I promise!

Now to the really beautiful things in life that make it all worth it…Family and Love.
My son, Jesse is more beautiful to me now than even when I first had him. There is no happiness without that boy, I tell you! I look at him and I feel blessed. He’s my little tornado of joy. For real. I have watched him grow and already so smart at 17months. He’s fantastic. I’m not going to write much more about him, cos I don’t want to gush all over the page like one of ‘those’ mums. #proudmum _

My dearly beloved big head husband and best friend, Paul _. He grew more annoying this year… there were times I loved him less and times I loved him more… but there were no times I didn’t love him at all. He is sometimes not there when I want him to be, but never is he absent when I need him. I thank God for him every day. (Oya catch kiss :* )

I had been having a long-standing quarrel with my mother for some time now. That seems to be over, to the great relief of my annoying brothers, who I think are beginning to realize they can’t survive without me, as I’m all kinds of awesome. David might argue, but I’m certain Jerry wont.

I’m also making fantastic strides with my in-laws, especially my husband’s Dad. God bless that Baba for me jare. So if nothing else in 2015 worked out (I didn’t lose any weight, and medical school isn’t over, due to strikes and all…), I have loads of love in my life, there’s peace in my family again, and my friends are great. I thank God for that.

Cheers to the New Year FamLam. See you all in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance everyone.

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Season’s greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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